Malazan Re-read of the Fallen: The Bonehunters, Chapter Four . Has Erikson ever used anything like “man-heights” before this book?. Malazan Re-read of the Fallen: The Bonehunters, Chapter Nine . in more pronounced fashion than in earlier books (not in terms of body count. Malazan Re-read of the Fallen: The Bonehunters, Chapter Twenty-One Felisin tells him she has need of neither book nor army and his men’s.

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The final sequence in The Bonehunters is no exception, and it occurs in a place we have spent very little time until now.

Mercifully, it takes a small part of the book. Joyful Union, Squished but not forgotten.

It’s definitely worth the wait, if that’s the case. The webs are set. The Bonehunters were great. This isn’t limited to fantasy, this unfortunately extends to most genre fiction. You know how it goes.

The Bonehunters by Steven Erikson

And this is why I think that Karsa hurts the series; that giving him, and characters such as Anomander Rake, these unproportionately powerful beings, a POV is a bad thing. Deep theological thoughts with an assassin: The Bonehunters is a very dark and action filled novel brimming with magic, swords, Warrens, and creatures. Is it really the entirety of the emotional span we can have about him in the fact that we are easily amazed how strongly, quickly and malqzan he fzllen with his enemies?

Granted, you are somewhat hairy.

The Bonehunters | Malazan Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The action is in Seven Cities with the Malazan Fourteenth Army, headed by Adjunct Tavore Paran and nick-named by her The Bonehunters, are in pursuit of the remnants of the Whirlwind rebellion and its leader. It’s pages of emotion bursting through your skull. View all 13 comments.


I love that he’s so bloodthirsty and fierce and crass at times, but at other times his compassion and care for the tribes and people of the world do shine through. Corabb thinks about the state of Seven Cities citizens turning each other in as criminalsand eventually realizes that without his commander, he would be lost. Firstly, I have to say that in The Bonehunters, Erikson started to reveal a larger picture of the intricate tapestry that he has so masterfully woven The Book of the Fallen really hit its stride coming into its sixth chapter of this massive tale.

The Bonehunters

With tears in my eyes I move forward through ever-changing warrens of grief and wonder and magic. Other favourites like Apsalar and Karsa Orlong who are intriguing to follow and create a lot of humour at least on Karsa’s part. One on one and involving many different characters. Apsalar is in company of two ghosts, Telorast and Curdle, that animate two reptile skeletons, and in their back and forth banter, they serve as a comedic relief.

I keep intending to take a break between these and read something else that I’ve been eagerly anticipating, but the fact of the matter is I’m addicted to this series.

Which was quite interesting given their history and I have to admit, I actually like this pairing. View all 8 comments. However, instead of just one incredible action sequences in one chapter, Erikson gave another pages long action sequence in the climax sequence of the book.

Introductions so far, for Erikson, were almost stellar. United Kingdom cover art Bantam Press And then second, there is the Return of the 14th Army to Malaz Island.


Who wouldn’t be driven mad by that? If soldiers thought too much about what they’re doin’, they wouldn’t fight no more.

I found myself drawn deeper and deeper into the world of these characters and saw more of the horrors, joys, problems and mysteries as they unfolded before me.

Then I decided never to start a series until the author was finished with it. The Bonehunters without a doubt was another one of those incredibly rare 6 out of 5 stars read.

Google did reassure me in the form of one of the newer special edition covers of Deadhouse Gates: No way can you go into the plot, because it is a convergence of dozens of story arcs, colliding, exploding and continuing in new configurations from here on. One of the best characters in this series.

Karsa Orlong rides up on Havokdismounts, and converses with her. Further discussion reveals that the dragons bonehuntfrs imprisoned by Anomander Rake because they sought the Throne of Shadow, which Anomander wanted empty. Nov 16, Mayim de Vries rated ths it was amazing. Unless that god chooses to defend him or herself form his or her own believers. Further, new cities have arisen from the rubble, now known as Seven Cities, the nearest being Lato Revae. It basically has no equal.

Trull and Onrack are where we left them in HOC.