As soon as Paperless shipped, I began making a list of things I wanted to update. I found a couple of amusing/horrifying typos. But moreover. Paperless has ratings and 29 reviews. Ron said: This well crafted e-book is perfect for productivity nerds. Even if you’ve already got a paperless wo. Read a free sample or buy Paperless by David Sparks. The MacSparky Field Guides – The Best Tools and Workflows to Get Paper Out of.

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More of an overview of how to go paperless than the macwparky nitty-gritty I had hoped this would contain. I now own a ScanSnap scanner, every bit as useful as the reviews say it is. View More by This Author.

I will try to make do with my iPhone, iPad and the one page of advice in the book for Windows users. The content is helpful and highlighted many things I can add to my regular routines. May 16, Thomas rated it really liked it. I think this is possible. MacSparky Paperless Page Of course, as I mentioned earlier, this means that the downloads are quite large, and it means that you can only read it on your iPad. He’s been an accountant, a software developer, a manager in a very large corporation, and has run DocumentSnap since Aug 18, Brian rated it it was amazing.

I only give five stars to books that changed my life and which I would recommend that every person reads. If you use a Mac, have an iPad, and want a great guide to going paperless, I think David has hit it out of the park with Paperless. The inclusion of video demos takes the e-book reading experience to the next level. Only this is worth a 5 star papeless You own an iPad. PNG is lossless compression, so compressing with it does not degrade the image.


You need to have an iPad to read it, and you can only read it on the iPad. And of course the part abou why Hazel is such an essential part in going paperless. I’ve been going paperless sinceand have tried papeeless all.

The iPad saved me from this.

This well crafted e-book is perfect for productivity nerds. The answer is, quite a lot actually.

Paperless: A MacSparky Field Guide

I certainly gained technical competence by reading Paperless, though I am afraid I may not be quite as good at implementing the tools as creatively as I might have been able to with some more examples. Es wird wohl etwas teuer, wenn man allen Tipps folgt, aber man kann sich auf jeden Fall viel rausziehen.

I would recommend it to any Mac obsessives but as ;aperless accountant I need the full version of Excel that only runs on Windows so I can’t have Mac only appliances. These programs reduce the number of steps required for certain actions, thus minimizing the time required to capture and organize data.

Intuitive legal practice management software.

Jun 30, Davy Buntinx rated it it was ok Shelves: A while ago, I heard on the Twitter grapevine that he was working on a book about going paperless, and I was intrigued. The integration of text and screencasts and graphics of various kinds is very effective. Appendix Learn more about Apple Automator, cloud storage, and other helpful resources. There are some cases where I personally do things differently, but that is what is great about this stuff: Anyone wanna buy a four drawer file cabinet?

Would it be an eBook in PDF format? So much extras to explain both why go paperless and how. I’ve had many of the tools on my computer already, but until I read this book, I hadn’t realized how to make it all work together.


Paperless By David Sparks Review

In the old days, much of my paper mess was self-inflicted. As with all his books, I wish it was a little less about specific apps and devices, and a little more about actual and potential workflows, but it’s a good book. This is my first experience with an eBook created with the new iBooks Author that Apple released back in January, and I have to say: Subscribe me to the Daily Dispatch.

If you own a Mac and have aspirations of becoming paperless in either business or personal contexts, this book is a great place to start. Anyone looking to live papperless paper-free life.

PDF version and videos available on macsparky: Paperless begins with a summary of a simple workflow and an overview of how to create a paperless filing system — how to capture physical and digital data, create a system to oaperless and organize that data, and access and use the data with a Mac, iPad and iPhone. There are videos and interactive images embedded right in the book, so if you are reading about something and macsparkky to see how it works, you can just tap on the page and it will play the video for you right then and there.