Definition of losers weepers in the Idioms Dictionary. losers weepers phrase. What does losers weepers expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom. Losers Weepers is the tenth studio album by American Blues artist Etta James, released in Track listing[edit]. No. Title, Length. 1. “Take Out Some. Finders Keepers Losers Weepers Meaning. Definition: Those who obtain something simply by discovering it are entitled to keep it.. If someone loses something.

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Resources for finders keepers losers weepers. These characters hold a special place in my heart, and I fear my words cannot possibly do this series justice. I only have two complaints: In the beginning of this book, Garth is reminiscing about his love for Josie.

I want to be careful to avoid spoiling the book for you, which is difficult because so much of it takes place AFTER the thing that happens and it’s the characters’ reactions to it that made me simultaneously love the book and want to chuck it against the wall. View all 3 comments. In the end it got to almost the exact place where it originally started.

Losers Weepers – Wikipedia

I love when the hero only loves and sees the beauty in the heroine. Will he go back to the same destructive patterns.

He is always so straightforward and intense, and I have always admired his brutal honesty. Honestly, I just did not want Josie to go through this with Garth; maybe less attention on Garth and more on Josie. That changed when he fell in love with Josie Gibson. This book is so beautifully written.


The doctor tells him that he has a ten percent chance of walking again, and this destroys him. Losers Weepers continues the story of the dark and mysterious cowboy Garth Black and the love of his life Josie Gibson. The characters are real and relatable, and the plot themes are fun, but also have substance. A Story About Choices. Neither space, time, nor situation would change that there was only one person in this godforsaken world for me. She fought for their relationship and never once gave up.

I devoured every page of this book, I could not read it fast enough, and although I wasn’t too sure on how it would all end, I was so happy with the final ending and how it all came about.

Weepegs the proper response “Finders keepers, losers weepers ,” as Joseph tries to tell Devon? He is sarcastic, short-tempered and inherently self-destructive, making it very difficult for others to care for him or enjoy being around him. Here I thought the first book in the series was my favorite. Since Williams has announced that Jesse and Rowen will indeed have another book, I will refrain from complaining too much.

Or, will she be successful in proving to him that real love means sticking together in the most dark, difficult, weeperx devestating weeperx times?

Thankfully, Josie was the absolute perfect heroine in Losers Weepers! My umbrella has not been returned. But overall, I enjoyed spending more time with all of these characters. Return to Book Page. Reading that specific part brought on one of those WOW moments, I am sure you all know what I am talking about.

To ask other readers questions about Losers Weepersplease sign up. But since I know that she can write mindblowing stories, this just didn’t reach the level the previous books had.


Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. In typical Garth fashion, he does not deal with this well. There were moments of humor usually provided in lsoers banter and teasing with the friends. This is a children’s rhyme and sounds childish when used by adults.

Not his arms, not his legs.

finders keepers(, losers weepers)

You can’t have it. She is definitely one of my favorite heroines. Losers Weepers was a bit of a rough ride of a book, but I’m honestly glad I gave it a shot because these characters hold a special place losres my heart.

Just when he starts to get everything he wanted in life, everything comes crashing down around him.

The plot is a bumpy ride, with feels all over the place. I loved how bold and feisty she was and how she did not bow down to Garth’s crazy demands.

Definition of finders keepers losers weepers. And I was rooting for Josie, as Garth was being stubborn about something stupid, in my opinion. He will not condemn Josie to a life of being a care take to an invalid. But when she told me, I thought she was kidding. Quotes are taken from the ARC and are subject to weepera in the final version.

I can’t wait until the 5th book! And believe me, Garth tries his very best, but she knows him well and can see behind the facade.