Editorial Reviews. Review. Praise for MINE TILL MIDNIGHT. “Vintage Kleypas An unforgettable story peopled with remarkable characters and a depth of. I’ve been wanting to read this book since I first noticed gypsy Merripen’s silent adoration of Winifred in Kleypas’s previous book, and Seduce Me. Some have told me that Seduce Me at Sunrise was as good as Kleypas’ penultimate book, Dreaming of You, featuring Derek Craven and Sara.

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I know I’m pretty easy to please, but I am loving every word of these two series! Yet she has never been tempted to embark on an affair, until now. Dec 28, Elizabeth rated it it was amazing Shelves: And none of it will change how I intend to spend the rest of my life.

Every moment out of her company was agony; every moment with her was the only peace he had ever known. European Historical Romance Review Tags: She knew what and who she wanted, and did what had to be done to reach her goal. Sunirse might be a love story, but it is also a great fiction book with different nuances that make it enjoyable on many levels. And unlike people such as me, who become quite amicable when they drink, you turn into a vile-tempered troll.

I sunrize vividly see him kleyppas picture the sometimes outrageous things he would say and think.

Normally I set the book down, but with this book, I read the first page and could not tear my eyes away. But only if I was sunrisf choose which heroes I could visit. When she hears about a Doctor that is practicing alternative medicine, this gives her hope to become better and be the woman she wants to be with Kev. I loved the bickering between Leo and the governess Miss Marks.


I absolutely loved this! I would fight, steal, kill for you.

May you die of a malignant wasting disease. Kev, Win y otras formas de morir de amor.

Desert Isle Keeper

They became healthier and less fragile than before. I won’t tell anyone.

A few years later, and everyone has changed: Lo otro que no deja de divertir son los encuentros verbales entre Leo y la institutriz… de lujo. Kleypas has managed to impress me yet again. Today i will focus on Winnifrent Hathaway and the mysterious Kev Merripen I admire that she does her research to treat the historical Victorian setting with respect, and managed to weave in sundise fascinating Romany culture so well in this story.

But this continued “oh my love will kill the poor frail woman but I can’t restrain myself” annoyed me to no end. You finally realize there is something worse than dying He was a mysterious figure in the last book — Mine Till Midnight — and as we seruce his story, it only makes his dreams of a life with Win seem more impossible.

Suhrise times I loved him because of his passion, his stubbornness and his feelings towards Win.

Detailed Review Summary of Seduce Me at Sunrise by Lisa Kleypas

I am now a devoted fan-girl. Needless to say, Lisa Kleypas is a literary genius. And that’s where this series shines: He loved her beyond earth, heaven, or hell. What can I say about this book? I love all the seasons of you, the way you are now, the thought of how much more beautiful you’ll be in the decades to come. I am sorry for the way I shocked you the morning I left, but I do xunrise regret the sentiments I expressed.

Seduce Me at Sunrise Book Summary and Study Guide

Married By Morning Details. The tension and heat is barely contained between the two characters, both of whom are so desperately in love. Winn for the better, Kev for the worst. I didn’t care for how she was portrayed earlier as this ethereal flawless creature too good to be on earth.


Kev is a damaged hero who loves Win with everything and yet, his fears continue to hold him back.

Kev is one of those tortured, angsty, hopelessly-in-love heroes that Kleypas does so well. I would do anything you asked. For more information on the Hathaway series and other books written by Lisa Kleypas, please visit her website at: Their ke was a son of an Earl in Ireland and a Roman women.

I’ve never experienced anything like it! I am so glad I read this book. Sign in with Facebook Sign in options.

I was intrigued by the introduction of a new character–Miss Marks, the sisters’ governess–and I loved the effect she had on Leo! And i like that they don’t In the first book, i liked the Hathaways!!! Speaking of the secondary characters, it was very nice to see Leo “redeemed” from his previous actions. He believes his mission will be easily accomplished – but that is before he meets the lady in question.

He had said the sky should always be blue for her. It was also much more angsty than LK’s usual fare, and for that reason among many others, I loved it.

Seduce Me at Sunrise (The Hathaways #2) – Read Novels Online

With those matching tattoos their relationship was hardly a surprise, but I liked how it all played out. What a wonderful, amazing, incredibly tortured soul he possessed. She knows him like no other and knows just what buttons to push to get him to open up to her in a way he cannot with anyone else.