Linguatula serrata can be found in several countries in Asia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, North Africa, and the Americas. Although the distribution of . Linguatula serrata is a food-borne zoonotic pentastomid that affects a wide range of animals including humans. Dogs and other carnivores are the final hosts. Twenty-four to 48 hours after imidacloprid/moxidectin was administered, the dog coughed up a dead worm, later confirmed as Linguatula serrata (Fig 1).

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Ask your veterinary doctor! Adult female tongue worms reach up to 12 cm, males only 2 cm. Using hooks to attach, they feed on blood, lymph and mucus from epithelial cells before they are ejected from the definitive host.

Linguatula serrata in dogs | Vetlexicon Canis from Vetstream | Definitive Veterinary Intelligence

While ADW staff and contributors provide references to books and websites that we believe are reputable, we cannot necessarily endorse the contents of references beyond our control. After a series of molts in these cysts, the third stage larvae lose the leg-like appendages and can travel in between the abdominal cavity and the abdominal wall.

In Heavily infected dogs or cats linguztula removal is often the only alternative.

No significant seasonal variation was noted in the study. Similar sporadic linguatulosis of human has previously been reported from different provinces of Iran 14 – 17 and other countries 18 Interestingly, high prevalence of infestations in dogs and ruminants sheep, sergata, cattle and camelsas definitive and intermediate hosts, respectively, play an important role in epidemiology of human linguatulosis, in this county.


Infection of Cairo dogs varies from male to female, with a ratio of 1.

Linguatula serrata in cats | Vetlexicon Felis from Vetstream | Definitive Veterinary Intelligence

Received Sep 11; Accepted Jan 9. The prevalence of Linguatula serrata nymphs in goats slaughtered in Kerman slaughterhouse, Kerman, Iran. This parasite uses domesticated and wild herbivores serratq intermediate hosts, including sheep, goats, camels, and many other small ruminants.

There was no significant difference between sexes. Bogs have a flora dominated by sedges, heaths, and sphagnum. Adult worms can be directly visualized in the nasopharynx through rhinoscopy or rhinotomy. Prevalence of Linguatula serrata infection in stray dogs of Shahrekord, Iran.

In human beings they may produce no symptoms, but sometimes cause severe catarrh, bleeding and suppuration and may cause much sneezing, difficulty in breathing, irritations and discomfort of serraat respiratory tract, when they obstruct the nasal passages 12. Though we edit our accounts for accuracy, we cannot guarantee all information in those accounts. House dust mite house dust mite allergyoral mite anaphylaxis.

Seven hundred and seventy seven dogs brought for treatment at the hospital were subjected to buccal sublingual examination for pentastomiasis. Pentastomiasis and report of the first case of halzoun syndrome in Khorasan province. In livestock, most infections with nymphs are benign and remain asymptomatic.

Significant differences were also observed across age groups. Recent advances in our understanding of pentastomid reproductive biology. The definitive hosts of L.

Linguatula serrata

Linguatula serrata females mate once over the course of their lifetime, but due to huge serratx storage and oocytes continuously being ejected from the ovary, females can lay thousands or millions of eggs per year.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. There are so far no true vaccines against Linguatula serrata. The dogs were shown to harbor pentastomid parasites in their nasal cavities. Linguatula serrata is not endangered, nor does it typically affect endangered animals. Statistical analysis was performed using chi-squared test.


Journal of Parasitology Research

This generalist approach helps the parasite evade a host defense. Small Ruminent Research Thus, a thorough inspection of visceral organs and particularly lymph nodes should be emphasized in the slaughter house. The nymphal stage develops. Apparently, almost any mammal is a potential intermediate host. Med J Islamic Serrafa Iran.

In addition, about one-third of dogs were found to be infected with L. Drabick, ; Hami, et al. The authors wish to thank the staff and management of the State Veterinary Hospital, Jalingo, especially Dr. Articles with ‘species’ microformats.

But depending on how some hosts become infected, they can act as final hosts or as intermediate hosts. When ingested by an intermediate host such as rodents rabbits and serratsruminants sheep, goats, cattle and camels and accidentally by humans 1the embryos migrate to the mesenteric lymph nodes and various other organs, where they feed on blood and fluids and molt to become mature nymphal stage.

Details Written by P. Byproducts offal such as kidney, brain, linguatuoa, intestine, heart, and tongue are more commonly consumed by people in impoverished areas of the rural and semiurban regions in the developing countries [ 19 ].

It behaves very much like a worm. Linguatula serrataentitled tongue worm, and a worm-like blood sucking parasite; belongs to the phylum Pentastomida.