Long a treasure trove for free illegal music, file-sharing website LimeWire was ordered to shut its doors Tuesday after receiving an injunction. The consent injunction, signed by Judge Kimba M. Wood of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, stems from an. U.S. district judge Kimba Wood in New York issued the permanent injunction Tuesday, ordering LimeWire to disable the “searching.

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Injunction Pulls Plug On Lime Wire File-Sharing Service – Law

Detailed information on the processing of personal data can be found in the privacy policy. The RIAA also announced intentions to pursue legal action injuncfion the damages caused by the program in January to compensate the affected record labels. According to federal prosecutors, Kopiloff used LimeWire to search other people’s computers for inadvertently shared financial information and then used it to obtain credit cards for an online shopping spree.

Each contribution has a goal of bringing a unique voice to important cybersecurity topics. The deal fell through, however, when record labels were told that the site would need at least a year to migrate illicit filesharers to the new service.

LimeWire file-sharing service shut down in US

Plaintiffs have never explained to the Court how they would even go about determining how many direct infringers there were per work. But in her order, Wood tried to close the door on any further releases, upgrades, advertising of the software, or the creation of any comparable software in the future. In addition, Wood required Gorton and crew to first get the permission of the music labels before building any new, legal version of LimeWire. LimeWire was the second file injunctio program after Frostwire to support firewall-to-firewall file transfers, a feature introduced in version 4.


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Injunctioon Judge slaps Lime Wire with permanent injunction U. InfoSec Insider content is written by a trusted community of Threatpost cybersecurity subject matter experts. At this point, the company’s chances of licensing music for Spoon appear to be small and its prospects dim.

That phase of the trial is scheduled to begin in January. She ordered Gorton and employees to establish “default settings in the legacy software that block the sharing of unauthorized media limweire and offer users tools to remove the software from their hard drives. She also wants Lime Wire to do its best to discourage the use of the LimeWire software already in the wild, what she limmewire “legacy software.

Retrieved November 21, Gorton and Lime Wire had the opportunity to stop users from infringing the copyrights, but instead built a business around allowing customers to download songs for free, and indeed built a marketing campaign around snapping up customers from Napster Inc.

In a statement, Lime Wire expressed disappointment at the ruling. As technology and broadband speeds have improved, LimeWire has also been injunchion to illegally share movies and popular TV shows, attracting criticism from Hollywood as well.

Being free softwareLimeWire has spawned forksincluding LionSharean experimental software development project at Penn State Universityand Acquisitiona Mac OS X -based gnutella client with a proprietary interface.

Google Faces Legal Turmoil After Location Tracking Debacle After a report said Google tracks users even when they opt out, the company is under fire from activists and has been slapped with a lawsuit. Denver Post, October 27, An October 12, report states that some of LimeWire’s free and open source software contributors have forked the project and called it FrostWire. LimeWire also now includes BitTorrent support, but is limited to three torrent uploads and three torrent downloads, which coexist with ordinary downloads.


We delete comments that violate our policywhich we encourage you to read. The plaintiffs argued that all four of the factors used to determine whether a court should order a permanent injunction weighed in their favor: Don’t show this again. Please provide a professional email: In May, Wood, who serves the Southern District of New York, granted summary judgment in favor of the music industry’s claims that Lime Group, parent of LimeWire software maker Lime Wire, and founder Mark Gorton committed copyright infringement, engaged in unfair competition, and induced copyright infringement.

Researchers at Cornell University developed a reputation management add-in called Credence that allows users to distinguish between “genuine” and “suspect” files before downloading them.

Retrieved April 17, A number of forks from LimeWire have appeared, with the goal of giving users more freedom, or objecting to decisions made by LimeWire LLC they disagreed with.

The labels totally rejected the idea. Users can now chat and share files with individuals or a group of friends in their buddy list. Prior to Aprilthe free version of LimeWire was distributed with a bundled program called LimeShop a variant of TopMoxiewhich was spyware.

This is accomplished by facilitating direct connection with up to 10 hosts of an identical searched file at any one time, whereas the free version is limited to a maximum of 8 hosts.

Threatpost The first stop for security news. However, Plaintiffs have alleged that there were more than million downloads of post works using the LimeWire system.