Assessment System (SINAES), which established a global and BRASIL. Lei n . , de 14 de abril de Institui o Sistema Nacional de Avaliação da. SINAES is the ENC, about which is says that. “although . Law Nº (Brasil, a) instituting the .. da Educação Superior (SINAES), instituído na Lei n. 16 nov. Lei do SINAES / Sistema Nacional de Avaliação da Educação Superior – SINAES, com o objetivo de assegurar processo nacional.

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We cannot view it as a “problem” when an undergraduate program searches for professionals with a specific education in these scopes. Basically, it represents a recent multidisciplinary area that is dedicated for advancing the knowledge about the Web, both from 108661 point of view of the technologies involved and from the various aspects that involve its understanding as a phenomenon that affects different dimensions of the current society. Sinaez is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

According to Alcantara 100861 al. The Semantic Web is a quite diverse set of technologies, analyzed and used in different ways by different communities and social groups.

Towards ontological foundations for agent modelling concepts using the unified fundational ontology UFO. Skip to main content. An objective possibility of judgement and comparison.

Ontology Engineering in a Networked World. With the installation of the evaluation policy, the Ministry created — via ministerial ordinance — the Specialists Commission, with the purpose of creating quality criteria for each knowledge area.

Share your thoughts with other customers. Global, continental and intercontinental agencies, international financing funds, continental and world banks, and financing, fostering and international cooperation agencies require standards and parameters of exchange, recognition and co-validation; therefore, there must be instruments that can be shared.

Reinforcing this latter aspect, several authors emphasized the importance of interconnecting ontologies in the context of the Semantic Web. Adapting the Servqual scale to hospital services: Ontologies occupy a central position in any conceptual model of the Semantic Web, aiming fundamentally to add explicit semantics to the contents available in the Web.


CPA by Mariana Donato on Prezi

The process of designing things in a very large spaces. Therefore, if we want a problematizing pedagogy as the axis of the didactic-pedagogical organization, to be informed by the evaluated individuals and recognized by the evaluators, are we able to talk about problematization as estrangement, contact with what is original in us, invention of oneself? For the author, education is not a commodity to be bought and sold, what can be purchased are the means for education, but not the learning itself.

In this new context, there is a decrease in the discourse of ethics and of critical consciousness and an emphasis on the competitiveness issue, external indicators and a growing bureaucracy.

Neste sentido, define-se os contextos e sujeitos para pesquisar a qualidade da IES. One of the first acts of the new government was the installation of a commission to elaborate a new proposal of higher education evaluation. Freitas corroborates MadausStecher and Hilland affirmations and emphasizes that the exclusion happens according to the cultural background of the student; the exclusion started to occur more subtly in the interior of the school or university.

The academic community, making use of media and of traditional li of scientific knowledge dissemination, denounced that evaluating institutions of higher education by a test performed by their students would be insufficient to evaluate both, teaching and other activities of higher education institutions. A guide to creating your first ontology.

As the National Curricular Sinaea indicate, health education assumes a generalist siaes therefore, the exercise of professional practice pervades many areas of expertise. Education and the capitalist market have or should provide each other, since the capitalist market foresees the exploitation of the weakest for the benefit of the strongest; and education should promote equal opportunities.

In this scenario, education evaluation acquired an important role. Higher Education, Amsterdam, v. The text is confounded with its authors, but it had, as its “backdrop”, or “at the back”, an experimentation: The Influence of Testing on the Curriculum. Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul; There’s a problem loading this menu right now. Building a chemical ontology using methontology and the ontology design environment.


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From the beginning, we had to take into account the foundations of Web Science. In view of the challenges related to the leo about the evaluation of higher education, the need to create a proposal for the authorization and regulation of programs and institutions through evaluation was delimited.

Quality in higher education: Yet, the Program proposes a revision on the higher education evaluation and the implantation of a national evaluation system based on the principle that the assessment is a process conducted by the Higher Education Institutions and the disclosure of its results is an institutional policy, an idea that is identified in Brazil with the “Federal Universities, the Program of Institutional Evaluation of Brazilian Universities PAIUB.

It defines items to be evaluated and correlates accreditation with evaluation. Creating a reality of intervention means creating a reality of oneself and of the world, and this has political consequences regarding the professional being, the style of being and becoming. According to Corcho et al. The work on which we support our arguments comes essentially from areas like Philosophy, Information Science and Computer Science.

Invention, transcreation, re-singularization, re-regulation — live processes that occur only in actu and correspond to what is effectively taught and learned in institutions, in each one of them; that is, distinctly, distinctively. According to this the universities would work with civil society representatives, via creation of a social communitarian council, which would ensure the participation of the wider society. The idea of creating a regulatory agency, in education, was concretized in the attempt to create an evaluation agency and distribute the regulation processes between the SESu and the CNE.