Druss the Legend, the dark axman known as the Deathwalker, must join the warrior Talisman on a mission of blood and glory. Only the stolen Eyes of. Written by David Gemmell, Audiobook narrated by Sean Barrett. Sign-in to download and listen to this audiobook today! First time visiting Audible? Get this book. The Legend Of Deathwalker is part of David Gemmell’s Drenai series and was first published in the U.K. in [ ].

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On the world of Kuf, the Macht are a mystery, a seldom-seen people of extraordinary ferocity and discipline whose prowess on the battlefield is the stuff of legend. Now Dug’s on the wrong side of the thousands-strong army he hoped to join – and worse, Zadar has bloodthirsty druid magic on his side.

In the mountains of Skeln live Dakeyras and his daughter Miriel. The six kingdoms of man are fractured, unallied and always clawing at each other’s doors for more power.

If you haven’t listened to this book, get it, deafhwalker won’t be disappointed.

The Legend Of Deathwalker by David Gemmell

Only the stolen Eyes of Alchazzar–mystic jewels Mr Gemmell uses the same schemes, tropes, and arc. Farewell Druss, it was damn fun – and anyway, you’re Legend The Swords of Night and Day: Nothing more but also nothing less than a Gemmell fan could ask from a Druss’ novel; unimaginable to miss if you’ve already legsnd Legend. Other books in the series. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.


The Legend Of Deathwalker by David Gemmell book review

The Legend of Deathwalker: It will be worth your time. Analogies to the Vlad the Impaler, known more widely as Vlad Dracula, were apparent to me.

The Smith family is, with the help of a few marines. First Spring, a child he finds scavenging on the battlefield, and then Lowa, one of Zadar’s most fearsome warriors, who has vowed revenge on the king for her sister’s execution. For centuries the tribes letend the Nadir have suffered under the despotic tyranny of their Gothir overlords.

Of course, what makes this book even better is that Gemmell brought up, yet again, some very emotional moments from the characters, and especially near the end of the book, which I really liked and, I think, it changes the book as a whole. The peaceful Eldarin were the last of three ancient races.

Yet a beggar could steal a loaf of bread and the same men would label it larceny, and hang the man. The book is the story of Druss trying to find the jewels, fighting the bad guys, the people of Gothir, in this case, and helping the Nadir, whom he is now fighting against, to keep there sacred grounds sacred!

But can he be trusted?

And where are they now? There’s a huge cast in this one and yet the character delineation is spot on to the degree that even the minor characters stay in the mind. With over one million copies sold, his work continues to sel David Andrew Gemmell was a bestselling British author of heroic fantasy. If you intend to read the entire series, my recommendation would be to read them in Drenai-calendar chronological order though – starting with Waylander.


May 12, Ahmad Sharabiani marked it as to-read Shelves: Another outstanding story by Gimmel that pulls you in and makes you want more!

The Legend of Deathwalker (The Drenai Saga, #7) by David Gemmell

You can find the order here goodreads numbers them in the order they were written: A country in desperate need of heroes. But those who pierce the veil of the future knew that a leader was coming to the North – a leader descended from Ironhand, mightiest of the highland kings.

I have reread all his books many times and they never fail to thrill me and make me want to read them yet again. Fare you well, poet. Note on the rating: So why three stars? Shadow Ops series Myke Cole 9. Pretty sure that happens in almost all novels in the Drenai series, but it never gets old.

Skip to main content. Illian is their birthright. Looking forward to remainder of the Drenai books but very interested to see how it g The perfect compliment to the first novel in the Drenai series.

Enter a powerful realm of legend, dark sorcery, and conquest, where the mighty Drenai warrior Druss faces his most deadly opponent. The true story of Dracula, the Impaler.