1 Digitized by Google Original from UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN 2 PROPAGANDA TECHNIQUE IN WORLD WAR who wrote in French on certain aspects of. Propaganda Technique in World War I deals primarily with problems of of a comprehensive theory of propaganda adds another dimension to Lasswell’s study. , , English, Book edition: Propaganda technique in the World War / by Harold D. Lasswell. With a new introd. for the Garland ed. by Harold D. Lasswell.

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Propaganda Technique in the World War – Harold Dwight Lasswell – Google Books

I believe in the hallowed vows of the old, and in the potent innocence of children. Whitehouse, for instance, was sent to Switzerland by the Committee on Public Information. He is not permitted to make the slightest alteration in the movements which he is shown, and is stopped again and again until at last his movements are satisfactory.

Meanwhile, the well-known American journalist, McClure, returned from a tour of investigation in Germany, where he had been supported in every way by the German Government Departments. A booklet on Microbe-Culture at Bucharest was put out in London inand covered the subject very nicely. By treaties signed inand subsequently, the possessions of the enemy powers were allotted to their future owners, without so much as a pretence at plebiscite or international control.

The War Department had organized a separate service for the purpose of conducting propaganda against the German Army, and the civilian peoples. He instigates or welcomes such a windfall as accrued to the cause of the Entente in the last War, when an eloquent volume, J’ accuse Lausanne,came from the pen of Richard Grelling, a native of Switzerland and close student of Germany.

Propaganda Technique in the World War

But if a number of persons, each lassswell whom has a direct executive authority, which he continues to exercise in his own special sphere, meet from time to time, in order to dovetail their common measures and adjust them to a common plan, kasswell then return to their departments to put into effect what they have agreed the committee is an effective instrument of co-operative action.


The judgment of a Latin historian, Villeius Peterculus has often been quoted.

Bemstorff tells the story thus: There are propagandas on behalf of political personalities, for it is important to procure a favourable reception for every ambassador at a new post. The news of a naval loss, a military loss and an aviation loss may come when there is a shortage of flour, and when there is a prickly set of wage and price problems agitating the prints at home.

This single location in All: Propaganda is the method by which this wag is propgaanda and abetted. Writing in the feverish days of August,shortly after the alleged capture of Mulhouse by the French, it shouted, The story of France is the story of God. Even such administration organs as the New York Times joined in the demand for an explanation. Henri Lavedan, has its place: He demanded prompt action by the Cabinet, and was so successful that the scruples of Downing Street and of Italy were swept aside in time for a great propaganda offensive, to be launched against the Austro-Hungarian troops, which had the effect of forcing the postponement of the Piave offensive.

Austen Chamberlain put the criticism with less brevity and more wisdom. Their business is to discover and report, not to philosophize and reform. For the soldiers, whom it has under the most complete control, it must make adequate provision of necessities and relaxation on pain of trouble. La Croix, the organ of the French clericals, identified the progress of France in the late Lasswel, with the Kingdom of God. With certain insignificant exceptions the smuggling of propaganda material into adjacent enemy countriesnothing is lost, if all propaganda operations in neutral and allied countries are carried on openly.

Germany opened hostilities against France and violated French territory before she broke off diplomatic relations. Beaten to death with rifles or sticks.

We should then be obliged alone- and without Allies to bear the burden of keeping up a Fleet superior to that of Germany and of an army proportionately strong. The International Labour Office co-operates with those who wish to procure the ratification and the enforcement of the draft conventions of the Inter- national Labour Conference.


As long as you have the owner of a newspaper as a member of your Administration, you will be held respon- sible for what he writes in the newspapers. Lord Northcliffe was tech- nically responsible to Lord Beaverbrook in respect of finance, but, in fact, he had the right of direct access to the Prime 1 66 H.

Is it desirable for the leaders of propaganda to be recruited from among the most powerful newspaper proprietors and editors? The whole empire is a great trading enterprise and the empire’s wars are wars of pecuniary calculation. They were hounding the country into war. Cunliffe Owen is vice-chairman. The Prussian officer who had charge of the propaganda work for ih General Staff was a most sincere and conscientious gentleman. Should the President himself make a statement of his own views which in view of the appeal made to the peoples of the propaaganda by the Bolsheviki might appear a desirable course, the Prime Minister is confident that such a state- ment would also be in general accordance with the lines of the President’s previous speeches, which in England as propaganva as in other countries have been so warmly received by public opinion.

Propaganda Technique In The World War

German competition after the War would thus be seriously crippled. Shall It Be Again? Felix Sartiaux wrote in the Morale Kantienne et morale humaine that One of the most subtle tendencies of the German char- acter is the hypocritical lie, which appears under the guise of naive sincerity, and justifies itself by the most incredible sophisms.

Several books have been published by men who held responsible propaganda posts during the War. Missing, Carried off alsswell prisoners, Wounded, Arms cut off or broken.

The Foreign Office was meanwhile engaged wofld the following activities, according to a statement in Parliament by the Under- secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Mr.