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But you can see the hillside of the openings to some of the oldest caves here, in the view from my hotel. Getting psyched up for the RAI interview, which was filmed here a few minutes later.

By the way, if I ever read another scene where somebody bathes in the Fontana da Trevi, I will throw the book out a window. Can you imagine having a ladrq migraine and having to guide me, the American author on tour, through Florence in time to get to her signing while she kept taking photos?

I never ladrs got to share half of the things that happened in Italy, so much was happening so fast all the time before, during, and after.

Ladra di Cioccolato – Laura Florand

I originally thought I was going to at least get to pretend I was the author in this First Grade Event, since that was why I was invited, but, in what is Highly Typical Fashion for Authorial Moments of Glory, I have been shunted off in favor of certain first-graders who want to be the author, instead. This is Ddi del Teatro, in Rome. Everyone promised me this was a career I could do in my pajamas!!

Italians like to exaggerate to make you feel good. Many thanks to Feltrinelli in Florence for hosting the signing and to Cinzia Zanfini for organizing it!


Ladra di cioccolato

One of my pet peeves: Or all of the above? Does it sound exciting or scary? A beautiful spot to be, no complaints. And remember, my photo abilities completely failed to capture this city with the full moon rising over it and lights shining up and down the hillsides! Apparently this met with approval among some viewers. What would you do in my place? And it has people like this: Olive-filled countryside to ride through and vivacious authors for company. And lots of chocolate, which I have always believed combines perfectly with Ibuprofen to offset migraines.

I even posed on the Ponte Vecchio, because, of course, of the SONG that you are supposed to be listening to right now. Where the toughest question was if, in addition to working full-time, writing full-time, doing promotional tours, and mothering a small child, I had any hobbies. Thanks to all you readers, too, whose interest in these books has made so much of this worthwhile! It is THE best.

The fresh amazing kind. Can I just get a cheer?

ALL with awesome people in an extraordinary setting, so wonderful memories. Most of them, therefore, had rather quirky bathrooms and some very labyrinthine layouts, but I am enjoying that, not complaining. So—although little Giulia my amazing Italian publicist, who chose the location knew, this was just hilariously perfect. From the magical Matera, we made our way posthaste to Bari, where our time was fleeting, but it did allow us to meet these lovely ladies: Beautiful setting, fantastic characters peopling it… This was one of the most wonderful things to me about this tour.

Unfortunately, in this photo, I am blocking the journalist who moderated with some fascinating questions, after the talk: Not to thank her for the nice review, oh, no. Curl up with pizza picked up down the street from my hotel.


See previous posts for more photos.

Ladra di cioccolato : Laura Florand :

Talk about the ideal lunch. On the plus side, I might just look like the Dufus of Vampires, but Giulia could totally be ready to take over the Non-Vampire World in a classy, elegant, vampiric way. But tricky for getting ready for TV interviews. As soon as I get a chance! Lunch with some of the people from the Festival, like organizer Maria Paola and my editor Isabella, and more.

In the streets and plaza of the town, at 10 p.

I just love it. Car to the airport. And the mirrors have no lights. Where the love of reading has to be taken to the level of social engagement, to discuss and share with others.

And a book signing complete with chocolate hearts!

That was my impression. Alas, no chance to see the Castel that Mina had recommended, and off we went, racing by the sea, signing a copy of Ladra di cioccolato for a friendly taxi driver, and just catching the flight back to Rome.

Once you start actually coming up with yourself when you type your name into Google, it gets a little scary. It is lada a magical town.

Even half-covered cioccolzto restoration work, this is one of the most amazing churches I have ever seen. Ha, ha, I was thinking this would be the most laid-back of the interviews, when I saw it on the schedule, but little did I know that videotape of me interviewing in Italian was waiting for me.