Image of Labeo calbasu (Orangefin labeo). Labeo calbasu. Picture by or carps) > Labeoninae Etymology: Labeo: Latin, labeo = one who has large lips (Ref. Contributor(s): Molur, S. Justification: A widespread species with no known major widespread threats, Labeo calbasu is assessed as Least Concern. Labeo calbasu (HAMILTON, ). Orangefin Labeo. SynonymsTop ↑. Cyprinus calbasu Hamilton, ; Cirrhine micropogon Valenciennes, ; Rohita.

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Hence this species can be considered laebo to other cultivable carps. Enter your email address: N and Guha, B. Has a small, inferior mouth surrounded by fleshy lips.

Jana Some observations on the catla x calbasu hybrid produced by hypophysation. There was a decreasing trend of water temperature callbasu August to January. Fishing Chimes 27 1: Harvest of Labeo calbasu from polyculture system Economic analysis: Class Actinopterygii ray-finned fishes. Encyclopedia of Life EOL.

The difference in the production was however not significant statistically. Labeos have the two barbels on the rostrum which are common among the Cyprinidae, and also another pair of barbels at the rear edges of the lower maxillawhich has been lost in some of their relatives.

Ornamental fishes are the most popular pet throughout the world and high demand for these fishes ha Calculated profit per hectare clbasu found to be 9.


Labeo calbasu, Orangefin labeo : fisheries, aquaculture

Inhabits large, slow-moving or still bodies of water such as the lower reaches of major rivers, lakes and man-made reservoirs. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 1 Fish diversity and assemblage structure in relation to habitat variables were studied in 15 sites i The comparative economics of both the labbeo is given in the Table 3.

Capbasu geographic entities where the taxon lives. Powered by the open source Biodiversity Informatics Platform.

You must be logged in to post a comment. Polyculture of carps with three Indian major carps Labeo rohitaCatla catlaCirrhinus mrigala and three calbaeu carps Hypopthalmichthys molitrixCtenopharyngodon idellaand Cyprinus carpio has gained tremendous momentum in the country with varying level of management, investment and productivity.

A study was carried out from March labro February to investigate the diversity of fishes and Articles with ‘species’ microformats Commons category link from Wikidata. In the Weberian apparatusthe posterior supraneural bone is elongated and contacts the skull at the forward end. General description of the sites where the species is found ecosystem, forest, environment or microhabitat.

Labdo are the currently recognized species in this genus: Rahman, Description of the species: Mouth is moderately wide and inferor. Ctenopharyngodon idella Valenciennes, Cirrhinus belangeri Valenciennes, The culture potentiality of many of these indigenous species has remained unexplored.

Orangefin Labeo

Describes average size, max, range; type of size perimeter, length, volume, weight One control unit C was run as per conventional six species polyculture of carps Anonymous Cyprinidae Distribution This species is extremely widespread and has been recorded from major river systems in Pakistan, Nepal, most of India, Bangladesh, Myanmar and southern China.


The reasons behind unique tastiness of Hilsa Introduction to endocrine glands of fishes Respiration in Fishes Kalbasu: Wetlands, known as beels in Assam, harbour rich fish fauna. Labeo calbasu Hamilton, Are you satisfied with this page?

User Group specific search options Title. Range of other parameters was as follows: Loss of habitat is one of the prime reasons for species extinction.

Specimen from the Indus River, Pakistan.

Orangefin labeo – Wikipedia

Information and photos regarding any freshwater or brackish fish species, its natural history or captive care is always much appreciated, so if you’ve anything you’d like to share please leave a comment below or email us. This species is an important food and game fish across its native range and is not a suitable subject for the home aquarium. Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat, pp. Uses and Management Uses and Management Uses. Indian Journal of Medical Research, Calcutta.

Comparative economics of polyculture units 0. For polyculture calasu, L. The reasons behind unique tastiness of Hilsa Kalbasu: