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AS far as haunted house novels go, I just can’t recommend it. That said, it’s a tough standard to live up to, and though it showed its influences, it falls short. Jan 23, Sarah Mac rated it did not like it Shelves: Audrey has had a traumatic childhood with her mentally unstable mother and is untreated for her OCD.

All in all, Sarah Langan was a wonderful find and I look forward to reading more of the writings.

Audrey’s Door

My vision of the Breviary is something along the lines of Deconstructivism-slash-Modernisme, maybe akin to Gaudi-meets-Gehry. May 20, Krystl Louwagie rated it really liked it. For my own part, I don’t see myself picking up another book by this author unless the premise really, really speaks to me, ssarah I’m never adverse to reading horror either.

Ms Langan’s pacing might be a little off. Audrey Lucas is a girl with problems.

Everything seems to set up nicely at the beginning. When the characters do talk about saarah, there is usually some kind of exclamation at the end to make sure the reader gets the point. Not knowing what is real?

Unfortunately, it didn’t take too long before I realized that something was very wrong.

La puerta de Audrey by Sarah Langan on Apple Books

Each chapter adds layers of horror, that left this reader breathlessly turning the pages. I was quite enjoying it, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to remain in its company for the full pages. Blending these elements with bits of the real New York’s history and the desperation of a deeply troubled woman’s desire to keep self destructing rather than moving on made for an excellent book that kept you interested from opening to close. The door opens, it is sunny but there still feels like there is an undercurrent of an unfinished horror waiting just around the corner to drag the characters back to the horror they just escaped from.


La puerta de Audrey: Sarah Langan: : Books

Her obsession to control and take back her life is exemplified by her determination to survive in a dog-eat-dog city that shows neither compassion nor clemency to the weak and feeble. If you were a house, what sort of foundation would you have? The book generally maintained a detailed yet captivating storyline. Only three books by women authors have won the Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in the last 10 years. Audrey’s Door is a chilling read about cults and architecture reminiscent of Rosemary’s Baby.

Later in the book, she’s fairly justified in her whinin This book got off to a bad start-the main character felt bitchy and closed minded, the writing felt Voices and shadows, hor I absolutely adored this book, it was easy to read and it left me completely absorbed in the eerie, creepy Breviary building on the upper west side of Manhattan.

One of the primary mantras of fiction writing is to show, not tell. I’d love to hear what regular horror readers think of this and how it compares to other horror novels particularly since it won the Stokerand I’m also curious if anyone else has read anything else by Langan, and how this compares to the author’s own work? Is it her OCD? View all 14 comments. Woman moves into creepy building with horrible history, and then creepy things begin to happen to her.

Spend more than half of the novel away from the haunted building. The woman at the center of the sarh arrives in New York after years of living with her psychotic mother, she herself overloaded with psychological tics and anxieties. audreh

Having grown up with a mother suffering from serious mental illness, she has never had the chance to blossom into her own Familial dysfunction, mental illness, dissolving lanhan oh, and an incredibly creepy, old Manhattan apartment building featuring architecture that would feel right at home in the nightmares of, say, M.


The book is a mix of horror, bit of romance, mystery and thriller, the reader is audrfy sure whether Audrey is the one cracking up darah of the building is really haunted, well that is best savored and read, so I won’t spoil anything by adding any more details but many things happen, some not so good and some really shocking.

Audrey of the title is a driven thirty-something single woman. Personally, I thought that these worked pretty well as info-dumps that didn’t feel tedious to read. Aug 20, Shara rated it it was ok Shelves: In terms of background, I very much liked the conceit of Chaotic Naturalism; but what I especially liked was that this novel, set a few years hence inis, unlike many horror novels, aware of the world in which its events are taking place — for, while much about is the same as innot everything is; in particular, climate change is beginning to kick in.

However, if you’ve read the book or don’t care about spoilers, comments and discussion are most welcome. She’s a thrice published author, and that must mean that she knows how to write well enough. Much of the time we purrta wondering if Audrey is dreaming, experiencing a strange reality or just puertq.

The story follows Audrey who after taking a new job in New York, and breaking up with her fiance finds herself at a cheap apartment at lamgan old Breviary. I also enjoyed the idea that Audrey is a brilliant but deeply damaged character that is still trying to make good of herself.