Kodo Sawaki (June 16, – December 21, ) was a prominent Japanese Sōtō Zen teacher of the 20th century. He is considered to be one of the most. El Maestro zen Kodo Sawaki en postura de zazen Kôdô Sawaki was born on the 16th. of June, into a well-off family of seven brothers, near to the shrine at. Kodo Sawaki Roshi ( – ). He was born into a wealthy and happy family, nearby the Ise Shrine. His name was Tsaikichi. When he was 5 years old, her.

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Is that really true?

You do not have to save every penny to live good in this world. Still, you should know that there are more important things than sex.

Biography of Master Kodo Sawaki

As cellular organisms, we are like all other animals, but only humans can practice what is identical to Buddha. Some people watch games all the time and make a big deal out of them. The buddha-dharma teaches limitlessness. Nothing has to be done in any particular way, yet it has to be done in the highest and best way.

If things continue like this, we will face kids becoming ever more violent sawqki destructive. If we can’t afford to buy things, we find the significance of life in imaginig that we could. Just to feed yourself. Un poisson, lui, ne voit que son monde de poisson, un voleur voit des voleurs partout.


The only question is: She was tied up and smeared with her own shit. Mount Fuji is considered a big mountain, but seen kovo the top of the Himalayas, it seems pretty small. To you who are out of your mind trying so hard to attain peace of mind The buddha-dharma is immeasurable and unlimited.

Kodo Sawaki | ZEN BUDDHISM

He often said, “All Buddhist scriptures are only footnotes to Zazen. The market value of things like these changes.

Everyone just sees the world from their own hole. The Bodhisattva Vow by Kosho Uchiyama.

It was only when the velocity changed that it seemed to us as if we were going up again. The way of buddha means that there is nothing to seek, nothing to find [mushogu-mushotoku]. The story of his empty-handed return completely relaxes our hold on any sort of fixed idea like achieving satori through zazen.

Everyone is talking about education, but what are we being educated to be? Some people want to strengthen their hara with zazen so that they will be able to scare the bill-collector away with a roar. To you who think the prime minister is a really special person. Why is it that the whole world believes religion means praying to Buddha for good health and good business? Wearing the kesa and transmitting the kesa is the supreme happiness of mankind.


Being buddha means taking a short break from being a human. Until the end of the month they run after the salary hanging in front of their noses. And a spoiled dog keeps no watch. Beyond-thinking [ hishiryo ]. In a word, zazen is to look back on this world as if you were already in your grave. It is neither large nor small, but without appearance. Demande-toi pourquoi tu manges, pourquoi tu as besoin de boire de l’alcool. The world has become small because of developments in transportation.

Kodo Sawaki

No more is it the hope to have a vision of emptiness, nor to perform miracles. Suffering is nothing more than the suffering we create for ourselves. Joy and suffering are relative ideas, indefinite and deceiving. We who were educated before World War Two were sawakki that Japan wa the greatest country in the world and absolutely righteous in all its actions and that we would obtain personal immortality if we were faithful to it.

He just stares into space with strangely empty eyes. You are simply you.