KLA. Basic Communication Trainer. MODULE EXPERIMENT MANUAL. K&H MFG CO., LTD. 5F, No. 8, Sec. 4 Tzu-Chiang Rd., San Chung City , Taipei. The KLA trainer includes the basic modules to experiment on fundamentallevel topics of a telecommunication course. The purpose of the modules is to. KLA offers experiments for fundamental technical concepts in telecommunication. It enables students to acquire a clear experimental view and further, they.

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KL-900A Basic Communication System for Analog & Digital Telecommuncation

Non-Return Valve HM Ball Valve HM It has become important nowadays to train technicians to be able to install and maintain electronic equipment. All essential topics of electrical circuit learning are studied by different modules.

Our system is intended for this technical education. FM receiver frequency range: Pressure Gauges HM KLA is equipped with power supply and signal unit. kkl

  ICD SX1000 PDF

The trainer includes the basic modules with experimental circuits. Film about Khazar University.

Piston Compressor MT Safety Valve HM Functional Test MT Kk Jig TZ Pressure Calibrator Fluke Ex: It enables the student to acquire a clear experimental view of the basic concepts and, further, they will be familiar with the operative aspects of the work in the telecommunication laboratory. Manchester clock regeneration experiment. Moreover, students come to understand the electrical characteristics of the sensors and transducers explicitly.

Flow Nozzle HM Process Meter Fluke TDM multiplexer experiments Gate Valve HM Students only have to adopt the oscilloscope to complete various experiments independently.

K&H MFG. Co., LTD.

Angle Seat Valve HM Thus students can understand the correlation between the physiological signal and each circuit stage. Pipes and Valves and Fittings HL FDM multiplexer experiments Mitre Gear GL Materials Tester MT The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 1. Students only have to adopt the oscilloscope to complete various System modularity maximizes flexibility and variety for experimentation, and allows possibility for expansion and customization.


Fluke and Portable Thermometers: It offers the beginner complete courses of basic analog and digital communication.

The Industrial Standard Fluke 88v: The experiment requires for all necessary equipment for electric circuit experiments such as power supplies, function generators, and analog and digital meters to be installed on the main 90a0.

Base Module RT The KLA offers an experiment for fundamental-level topics of a telecommunication course.

Power Logger Fluke The design of IDL is easy to operate and understand.