Kevin Poulsen’s KINGPIN (Crown Trade; February 22, ) is both a At its core, KINGPIN is the story of the clash between two sides of one. Kevin Poulsen. · Rating details · 6, ratings · reviews. The true story of Max Butler, the master hacker who ran a billion dollar cyber crime network. KINGPIN HOW ONE HACKER TOOK OVER THE BILLION-DOLLAR CYBERCRIME UNDERGROUND KEVIN POULSEN Senior Editor, KINGPIN.

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Book Review: KINGPIN by Kevin Poulsen

On the way home, Max pondered the situation. Even the guys who were running the carding forums where all these people met were no better. A Secret Service agent from the Boise field office visited Max at school and confronted him with the gy of his phreaking.

Max delved into the forensic work, reconstructing crimes from raw packet data and producing cogent analyses that blew the lid off some of the underground’s concealed techniques.

After a short drive, the car stopped. This book is no different.

This biography follows the criminal exploits of Max Butlerwho poulssn years stealing and selling credit card data. The crimes always unfolded the same way: He’d be cloistered for days this time.

Hiverworld canceled its job offer on the spot — no security start-up could hire a man facing current computer intrusion charges. From his room in his parents’ house in Daly City, a few miles south of San Francisco, Salgado had cracked a major technology company and stolen a database of eighty thousand credit card numbers, with names, ZIP codes, and expiration dates.

He’d need a new name, unstained by his past folly. She was getting serious kungpin the guy she’d met at Burning Man; it was time, she said, for Max to let her go. But not all teenagers were content with the machines, and in the impatience of youth, they weren’t inclined to kignpin for grad school to dip into real processing power or to explore the global networks that could be reached with a phone call and the squeal of a modem So they began illicit kingpn into corporate, government, and academic systems and took their first tentative steps into the ARPANET, the Internet’s forerunner.


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Finally, they swiped it, smuggled it from the lab, and discreetly began testing its keys against various locks on the Meridian High campus. The US has finally moved to chip and sign. You can remove the unavailable item s now or we’ll automatically remove it at Checkout. Poulsen goes into great detail about how Aragon, and later Butler on his own, went about this daily business.

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Instead, the valley quickly metabolized the geeks into full- time employment, and the Hungry Programmers morphed into an unofficial club for Tim’s friends from Meridian High and the University of Idaho, two dozen in all. But I might change my mind. There could be feds anywhere. When those first young intruders began getting busted inthe national press cast about for a word to describe them and settled on the one the kids had given themselves: The Next Years.

Book Review: KINGPIN by Kevin Poulsen | Masters of Media

Poulseb name was Chad, and he lived in North Carolina. Ran Carders Market under the handle Iceman. He had never once confronted a network he couldn’t crack. For all his talk about staying with her forever, he’d chosen a course of action that guaranteed their separation.

There is a lot of fight for power and recognition among the hackers and in between infiltrated police agents and snitches working for them kingpjn to stop all their activities. In a single sleepless night, Max more than doubled the count, whipping up signatures.

There are break-ins and thefts of credit card kihgpin all the time. Even though this book is a true account of Max’s exploits, it reads like a fictional story in large parts. It All Seems So Mysterious. His version would close the hole everywhere it found it, like releasing sterile fruit flies to tamp down an infestation. What would we say? Telling his story as emblematic of all of us in a digital age might have been a better approach to take.


Max Vision, though, emerged largely unscathed — few in his new life made the connection to the man named in the high-profile lawsuit. The town fathers had named Meridian a century earlier for its placement directly on the Boise Meridian, one of the thirty-seven invisible north-south lines that form the Y-axes in America’s land survey system. Now Max hung up his own shingle as a computer security consultant, erecting a new website touting his services as a hacker for hire at one hundred dollars an hour — or free to nonprofit groups.

The foiled plot was an eye-opener for the FBI: Only the Paranoid survive.

The technology press started seeking him out for comment on the latest attacks. With Max making real money at MCR, Kimi quit her job as a barista and found more rewarding work teaching autistic students.

They spent hours in the BSU terminal room, staring at the poulsne green text of the terminals and banging on the clacky keyboards. Butler, on reflecting on his life of crime, said, I have a lot of regrets. Last Christmas my credit card info was hacked by the infamous Target breach. Gives you insight into how fragile the swipe system of credit cards is.