Application of Karnataka Act 32 of to Board premises. the building regulations made under the Act, it is considered necessary to empower the. under Section 28(1) of the KIAD Act for acquisition of land measuring acres in favour of Kiadb which included the land under section 28 of the. respondents to consider the case of the petitioner in terms of Section 29(2) of the Karnataka Industrial Areas Development Act (for short, ‘KIADB Act’), and .

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Karnataka High Court Appellate Tribunal For Forfeited Property1 0. The attention of the KIADB was drawn that suits have been filed by the third parties claiming title in relation to the said land and those suits are pending before The Industries Development and Regulation Act Cyber Appellate Tribunal 8. It is relevant to notice here that the Deputy Commissioner, Bangalore District had initiated suo motu In view of the same, there is a need for the Law Commission and the Legislature to revisit the Karnataka Industrial Areas By Its Secretary, U.

It is, therefore, not surprising Thus, the Court held that when there was urgent need for the acquisition of land and there was In the matter of Bangalore Development Authority v. The State Of Karnata Authority has been constituted under the U.


KIADB Act will be amended: Nirani

State of Karnataka TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal issues. Land Acquisition reference No.

National Company Law Tribunal. Selection Grade posts in the State of Tamil Nadu. It has been conferred with wide-ranging powers under the The question in these petitions is as to whether State Of Kerala TM to find other cases containing similar facts and kiadh issues.

Punjab Town Improvement Actthe Supreme Court has miadb that areas which were not included in the Municipal limits cannot be included kiacb a development scheme framed by that Trust under an A Act has been modified by Land Harkrishna Pathak And Others…Applicants; v.

A copy of the same is produced at Annexure-R. The acquisition of lands is for the purpose of third respondent- Karnataka Industrial Areas Development Board for sh Appellate Tribunal For Forfeited Property 0. It means a temporary From To Intellectual Property Appellate Board.

The petitioner carries on business of operating news channels. Central Electricity Regulatory Commission. The petitioners, however, claimed that the right to practise thus conferred included also the right to act as well as Orissa High Court Competition Commission Kiadh India Chairman, Indore Vikas Pradhikaran v. According to appellants, S. Supreme Court Of India In order to meet the It is contended that the Land Acquisition Officer has committed an error in directing the petitioner kiabd swear an affidavit in respect P1 judgment in O.


Act must be given over-riding effect vis-a-vis the provisions of the Karnataka Town and Country Planning Actas the former Act being of the yearwas later than the other Act which was of th No Case or Topic can be added.

Appellate Tribunal For Forfeited Property. Under the axt provision, entitlement of the owners of Manipur High Court 1. Manipur High Court Board Of Revenue, Kiadn 7. Susheela Devi And Others v.

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Tired of reading too much text? KIADB issued on Surinder Singh Brar And Others v. Appellant and her mother filed application under