This will be a regular feature and today we are starting off with the overview of Keysi Fighting Methods Famous Pensador Technique or as it is called through its . Review of the Keysi Fighting Method Known as KFM Some time ago on purely to location and logistics as I truly feel that Keysi has a lot of techniques and. Welcome to the complete guide to The Keysi Fighting Method. . In addition to this technique and many other KFM was one of the first arts to.

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So, the student’s instinct is cultivated while the material taught is dynamically layered with stress so the student is able to perform with that material under pressure. Your elbows protect your torso as you move around in a circle, putting your back to a wall if possible to minimize the potential angles of attack. I do feel that I will go into keysi but only as a support to my Judo Sambo and other systems I use.

Yet as it can easily be added to any system and used in a variety of ways is what makes the Pensador so valuable. It turns a defensive position into an offensive one.

Keysi Fighting Method: The Essential Guide

Principles and Techniques KFM is a philosophy of life that grows with its practioner, based on knowledge, research and experimentation. How to Get Off of a Block in Football. Covering in martial arts is the act of protecting against an opponents strikes by using the arms and shoulders to block and absorb the impact of strikes on the head and torso and prevent injury.

SportsRec is the 1 source for all things sports! Shape Created with Sketch. The Art of Manliness. The idea is that in a real-life self defense situation you do not have the time to recollect and apply the most adequate technique if it is not instinct driven.


Luke Schmaltz has extensive experience in martial arts and personal training, which informs his writing on health and fitness.

Welcome to the complete guide to The Keysi Fighting Method. In fact at this moment in time I feel it is the most practical system for a person to train in and get results within a few weeks.

Keysi Fighting Method Techniques | SportsRec

Without doubtinterest in Keysi and Defence Lab is strong as they are both pioneering brands in the self defence industry. What do you do? You bring your hands up in the guard position protecting your head. The Yakuza Movie Review. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

This post is designed as a review of the actual application of the art. As soon as those strikes are delivered you engage the next enemy, possibly coming from another direction.

However just as the split was happening Andy Norman got called to work on the Tom Cruise film ‘Jack Reacher’ where Andy worked on the film on his own so he was able to add some of his Defence Lab techniques into the scenes, check figthing out below:. If you watch “The Dark Knight” movies closely, you will notice Batman rarely uses his feet as weapons.

An elbow strike targets the ribs of the closest attacker and is followed by a headbutt to the bridge of the nose.

Covering (martial arts)

Cardio football-player Created with Sketch. The style soon became popular through its exposure in martial arts magazines as it attracted attention due to the use of the unique head cover called the Pensador and its street orientated approach. To describe what it is I feel that perhaps it would be better to see it in action. To protect the torsothe boxer keeps his or her arms tucked against the body and rotates the hips to protect the midsection and allow punches to slide off the body.

What he’s employed is the Keysi fighting method, techniquea was featured in “The Dark Knight” movie series. The type of covering utilized in the Israeli hand-to-hand combat system of Krav Maga is based on the Counter Defense level of covering usage. Full Contact Martial Arts.


Retrieved from ” https: KMF utilizes a double arm covering stance called The Pensador which uses the arms that are defending to strike while still maintaining the covering position in front of the face.

Now that I have trained in the system several times, read and watched more You Tube footage than I really have the time for I thought I would re visit this subject. It works and as such I can only recommend it.

Irish Bare Knuckle Boxing Techniques. Keysi In The Movies. The Keysi Fighting Method was invented for close quarter combat situations and to quickly neutralize an attack involving one or multiple assailants. Exercise Shape Created with Sketch.

It allows you to fight whilst still being covered up from harm. This yechniques one technique that can make the difference should you unfortunately face real violence. The big break for Keysi came when Andy Norman was asked by his good friend Buster Reeves to audition for a film.

Technique Focus- The Keysi Pensador | The Self Defence

As the style of KFM grew even further its popularity increased due to the exposure in the various blockbusters and Andy Norman moved himself and his family over to Spain to work on developing a global headquarters and instructor program.

He is cornered, and running away is not an option. It was a style that was developed based on the experiences of Justo growing up and working in the Spanish mines and Andy Norman’s rich experience in the martial arts and violence in the streets of Britain.