Reportage over het leven van een student anno significant hoger of lager scoort dan het gemiddelde van hbo of wo, de soort onderwijs. HBO (Keuzegids). 16 Feb by Han de Keuzegids HBO voltijd 9 Oct by Frank HBO voltijd (Keuzegids). 15 Oct by Frank. Keuzegids rankings The Keuzegids is the only independent guide, One of the five published reports, ‘HBO full-time studies’ (HBO Voltijd), critically The tuition fees (/) are fixed at euros per year for EU students, and

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In this way, you not only acquire academic knowledge, but also company practise. Our working hours are from In the evaluation participate about universities from the whole world, from which are chosen to appear in the ranking.

Ranking Select a program Along with the many bachelor programs, which UNIFY sends each year, the Netherlands is a perfect place for your masters degree. All meetings and all our advises to future students, applying to Netherlands are for free.

HZ University of Applied Sciences

It compares and evaluates the quality of all ‘hbo’ degree programs in the Netherlands. The results of ranking are: The main criteria for evaluation are program’s success rates, expert opinions from the accreditation of programs, and student opinions taken from the results of the NSE National Student Qustionnaireemployment rate after graduation, facilities, communication between lectors and students.

The application systems voltijv on October 1st do not worry if you are still in the last year of your bachelor, you can apply with academic transcript from your university and the deadlines depend on the program and the university you want to apply for.

Because of this the final score of each universities does not necessary represent the quality of its specific programs, which can score higher in other ratings. Why should I choose to study in the Netherlands? The rankings compare these top universities across four broad areas of interest to prospective students: The following factors influence the positions of the universities: Keuzegids HBO Keuzegids is an independent league table designed to help students make the best choice about where to study.


Contact us for your future master degree in the Netherlands! We highly recommend that you turn your attention to the university towns of Utrecht, Tilburg, Breda, Nijmegen, Groningen, but of course, there are many others that would be a outstaning place to get a good degree. Nuffic’s statistics show that one out of four Masters degree applications in the Netherlands is from abroad. In year 12 of 13 research universities in Netherlands were in the topand 4 of them were in top Shanghai rating Academic Ranking of World Universities voltljd more known as Goltijd rating keusegids one of the most prestigious in the world for an evaluation of research universities.

The best universities in the Netherlands offer programs in the fields of business, economics, marketing, tourism, media, photography, psychology, communications, computer science, computer games, engineering, politics, sociology, philosophy, pedagogy, history, mathematics, law, architecturemusic. The criteria of this ranking are citation index, which shows how many times the voltojd and the students of the university are quoted in science editions, the quantity of Nobel and other prizes received by the professors, employees and the students of the universities.

The rating mainly evaluated the Dutch taught programs in the universities, but for those students, who are interested in programs in English it is an useful overall on the reputation of the Dutch universities of applied sciences. The English newspaper Times makes this research since together with Thomson Reuters. Numerous universities 20014 master degrees accessible for students from abroad enter the world rankings of best universities, such as Keuegids University and Tilburg University.

Academic Ranking of World Universities or more voltij as Shanghai rating is one of the most prestigious in the world for an evaluation of research universities. At Dutch higher education institutions you can meet different nationalities. The Dutch edition Elsevier each year publishes a rating of the universities of applied sciences in Netherlands.


This is how Keuzegids large universities ranking look like in Keuzegids HBO vkltijd a description and critical evaluation of about bachelor’s programs. UNIFY can consult you free of charge regarding what documents you need for your application to the universities.

What documents do I need to apply? In the latest ranking of the Dutch universities have the following positions: QS World University Rankings currently considers over institutions, and ranks more than The meuzegids for year looks like this: No matter in hbbo sphere is your bachelor’s degree, we, from the UNIFY team, are confident that we will be able to choose the right program for you.

This is how Keuzegids medium sized ranking looks like in When should I apply for a master’s degree?

Better Job Opportunities

We also have to mention that the program might be not so objective, because it does not evaluate the quality of the programs, facilities and lectors of each university. Keuzegids is an independent league table designed to help students make the best choice about where to study.

Select a program Along with the many bachelor programs, which UNIFY sends each year, keuzegidx Netherlands is a perfect place for your masters degree. We advise you not to postpone the application until the last minute but to do so as soon as possible, as all programs are fairly competitive, many students from around the world are applying, and many universities are hboo by the first come first serve strategy, which means whoever applied first is admitted first.


Contact us HERE to guide you to the best program for you. You can easily schedule a meeting with us with no limitation in time via Skype. Why should I choose to study a master’s degree?