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Ba satrapi ham as har eyalat tax migereftan, va sarbazhaye khodeshonam estefade nemikardan joz javidan o ye chanta regimant, sarbazhashan aksaran az eyalatha va keshvarhaye dige miyavordan.

Mostowfi supported the idea a Qajar prince succeeded Ahmad Shah rather tarikji Reza Khan, who he judged inappropriate. Nice attempt persian, your an idiot. Many of the Texans Jim Bowie at the Alamo had slaves also. Ketab comicesham digeh haminist ke hast, ketabi hast ke nevisandash ham ahmagh bod, ham racist bod.

Spartanha rast migi, tamame ejtema Sparta dore jang micharkhid. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Reza Khan knew that Soltan Ahmad Shah’s resignation was necessary. Those resources were indeed considerable: Being presented with the offer by his former courtier, Soltan Ahmad Shah replies: Especially during the time when ketwb reigns on his own without a prime minister.

Herodotus wrote about events only a generation before him. This was not a pleasure trip but intended in to show “the effects ketzb financial and cultural advancement The “Majles-e Shora-ye Dowlati” the crown council, founded after was the first step to political reforms, and, according to Abdollah Mostowfi in “Sharh-e Zendegani-ye man” publishedvol I, p.

Index of /ketab/tarikhi/kambujieva

That indeed is the case. Ta akhar haye farse khashayar shah vazeshon aslan khob nabod. He appointed his sons as governors of different provinces or regions.


I strongly raise my voice in protest against this coup d’etat. The Father of Lies??? You are commenting using your Facebook account. Masaelhaye siasi, hoghughe bashar va zan, va democracy- ina nazare mardomro avaz mikonan, na ye filmi ke bad az 10 sal faramosh khad she.

In fact, Ahmad Shah’s speech and attitude concerning the Anglo-Persian Agreement on a banquet at London, 31 Octobershows how he really thought about it. My opinion is that yes, the persians are misrepresented. Yes the spartans had slaves. He receives inhabitants and listens to their requests, and a special royal attendant gives them the shah’s answer.

Ketab tarikhi pdf

Sardar Sepah anticipated that Soltan Ahmad Shah could return to Iran whenever he gathered enough willpower to do so, which would then cause a major handicap for him. At this time the country suffered from famine and shortage of bread, and in a telegram Soltan Ahmad Shah inquired about the situation, expressing his regrets over this problem.

They were the resources of trade and the resources of a naturally industrious and capable population. For these reason if you had offered me the whole world I would not resign. Leonidas only tookwell more like in actuality, plus around 10, hoplites. Later he reads the newspapers or foreign books. Makki states that Soltan Ahmad Shah, upon hearing of this offer from Ambassador Sepahbody, answered “Please offer my thanks.

What does the bible have to do with this subject anyway!!! Furthermore, Makki gave an accurate account what really happened in those crucial days. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

بهترین کتابی که خواندم – behtarin ketab Showing of 2

Etimad os-Saltaneh also reports about audiences and official receptions for foreign envoys and ambassadors as well as he received his notables, courtiers, ministers and governors. He summoned Ambassador Anoushirvan Sepahbody to the presidential palace and instructed him to immediately intervene on his behalf with Soltan Ahmad Shah in Paris with the following offer of assistance: They based on older sources mainly from Pahlavi time and additional reports or misinterpreted sources like Mostowfi.


Maybe he hoped that his crown prince “Hassan Joon” i. Plutarch was a moral historian, whilst Herodotus tried to be an objective historian.

The move was clearly unconstitutional.

Duncan September 7, at Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here How a Persian sees and interprets things in his physical or mental vicinity. Have you even read it? The Spartans were the worst of the Greeks. You can see much of their achievements in Baghdad. In this respect krtab transport and communication was lamentably difficult. Soltan Ali Kadjar, p. He proceeded to Shiraz and Isfahan and arrived in Tehran on the 23rd.

The Father of Lies overtly-biased account of the Battle of Thermopyle, in which the Persian destroyed the tiny Spartan army of madmen on the Greek land.

He put the affairs of state in his crown prince’s hands taking care for the welfare of the nation and people. Go do some research before making a biased statement. That is unheard of sick and heart trembling scum.