Le rogamos que copie e imprima aquí el manual operativo correspondiente en su idioma. Francais Copiez et imprimez ici la notice d’utilisation dans la langue. SERVICE MANUALScrew Compressor Model: SX 6 classic No.: 9__00USE Contents. KAESER SX6 COMPRESSOR MANUAL SMVLPIMPCZ | PDF | | 24 Aug, TABLE OF KAESER SX6 COMPRESSOR MANUAL.

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Danger from spring force. Do not use untreated kaeeer for any application that will bring it into direct contact with foodstuffs. Cooling oil is injected into the airend.

Adhere to inspection schedules and accident prevention regulations. The airend delivers compressed air to the system.

Open the shut off valve in the venting line. Operation 3 ft radius from the machine Operating personnel mnaual ft radius from the cooling air discharge.

The lifting cradle complies with local safety regulations. Observe approved safety regulations and national legislation applicable to all work carried out on the machine. Do not eat or drink while handling cooling and lubricating fluids.

Check that the O ring is correctly seated and tighten the screws 1. Filling with cooling oil Slowly open filler plug 4, Fig.


Reconnect the fittings 2.

KAESER SX6 Service Manual

FG is approved for canning, food packing, meat and poultry processing and other applications where incidental food contact may occur. The machine must be adequately packed.

Safety relief valve has blown off. Wrap the machine in plastic sheeting.

KAESER SX6 Service Manual – Refrigeration Mechanics

Run the machine once a week under load for at least 30 minutes to ensure corrosion protection. Insert the new oil separator cartridge with gaskets 21 and screw down the cover. Re mount manal cooler Lift the cooler carefully into the machine and secure with screws 4. Cooling air inlet or outlet is too close to wall or other blockage. This will prevent compression of the inlet air during the start up.

Manuals – Manuales – Notices d’utilisation – Bedienungsanleitungen

To open, release the latches with the key supplied with the machine and lift off the canopy. Open the shut off valve 10 in the venting line. Use wire conductor dimensions and kaezer ratings in accordance with local regulations.

Reset the timer relay K1. Operating in a compressed air system. Cooling air supply is inadequate. Before initial start up The control transformer in the control cabinet has connections for various supply voltages. Check belt tension and adjust if necessary. Checking Direction of Rotation.


Diameter of hose connecting the unit to the receiver tank is too small. Long term De commissioning Pre condition: Open the shut off valve between the compressor and the compressed air system.


Oil inside the unit. Oil change intervals speciality lubricants. Machine Air is manuap in from the surroundings and cleaned as it flows through the filter 1. Before the machine is switched on for the first time the user must provide and check measures to guard against electric shock by direct or indirect contact.

Replace cartridge and dirt trap strainer if necessary. Components removed from the machine can still be dangerous.