SON OF THE SHADOWS. Juliet Marillier, Author SON OF THE SHADOWS Juliet Mari $ (p) ISBN The forests of Sevenwaters have cast their spell over Sorcha’s daughter Liadan, who, like her mother, has inherited the talent to heal and to see into the sp. After years of comparative peace, darkness has fallen upon Ulster. Trouble is brewing and even those in the heart of the forest are not safe.

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I was so looking forward to the scene where she finally gets to use these skills for real, in a big showdown of some sort preferably. This is one I could read over and over! And you know how critical I can be. View Full Version of PW.

It’s also a question the adults refuse to answer. Looking for beautiful books? Where Daughter of the Forest was a retelling of a fairy marilier, this one is all her own, and the places she takes it are incredible. Son of the Shadows is, as all the reviews proclaim, a worthy follow-up to Daughter of the Forest.

Now I will proceed to tell you why I gave it three stars instead of five. In Daughter of the Forest this juliett near the beginning and while Sorcha was alone before meeting Red. And as with Niamh’s ignorance making a difference in my perception of her actions, Liadan’s motivations made what would have been admirable.

Son of the Shadows : Book Two of the Sevenwaters Trilogy

Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews. Whether that is because the Fae have set new plans in motion, or an ancient evil has a plan for revenge, or something even older than the Fae has plans of its own is unclear. But the fact is, there was never anything bad enough in this book to keep me from recommending it, or even loving it. Something that touches you with joy or with terror, that lifts you out of your safe, little path and onto a great, wild road whose ending nobody knows?

Son of the Shadows is every bit the masterpiece that Daughter of the Forest was. And that is precisely the reason the evil forces tried to divide them,to wreak havoc and mistrust on a family that valued their bond more than anything else.


The Painted Men were fascinating, and going behind the scenes with the “bad guys” and feeling pity for them, sometimes even rooting for them – it was skn, because it was hard to know where to lay your allegiance.

I fell in love with Liadan first, because she refused to give up on on those she loved. They do an awesome job. It is more an internal struggle with his past and so not very action oriented.

Son of the Shadows – Wikipedia

We have a young girl whose skill in healing brings her to the attention of an enemy of her people. Put one foot before the other, and follow your path. Liandan bares his child and she swears to love no other, but the painted man. Aug 01, Kay rated it really liked it Recommends it for: You could do far worse than give your shadosw to her and to her story. Lastly the ending was slightly anticlimactic because of the nature of how Liadan saves Bran.

It also happens that this is not only one of my very favorite books of all time but one of my favorite winter reads, as the night mairllier Midwinter’s Eve plays rathe Since I reviewed Daughter of the Forest a few weeks back, it seemed only right to close the year out with the sequel.

Robin Bridge Four 3. A talented healer, she spends her days making salves and medicines and taking care of the people of the keep. This is more a tale of mending long time hurts and discovering a new path in life that might be different than what you always expected for yourself.

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No wonder that a girl raised with this notion reaches mastery at shallow coyness and false modesty that reeks with hypocrisy. Niamh seemed like a completely different person, and I liked the twisted forbidden love angle. Why did I not know about this sooner? Liadan has had visions of Eamonn torturing Bran. BUT, I was so into the book I didn’t mark down any excerpts.

Liadan must maneuver her way around her uncles, the faerie, the old ones, and her enemies as they all await the prophecy that will restore the islands to the family of Sevenwaters at last. Son of the Shadows Juliet Marillier. Daughter of the Forest, the first book, is easily one of my new favourite books, and will probably remain one of my favourite books of all time.


In my opinion, this is better than the other two because the characters all have a way of worming themselves into your heart. It is not entirely a bad thing either but I really would have enjoyed seeing Bran battle someone first hand. Thank you for calling all women who have ever been loved witches, as in all times of human history!!! Soon we’ll see the first hint of gray in the sky, the color of a pigeon’s coat, then the smallest touch of the sun’s finger, and one bird will be bold enough to wake first and sing of tall trees and open skies and freedom.

She just pulls you into the story and I can’t even explain it. Liadan tells the reader right from the beginning that she is trained in bow and staff, and can hold her own in a fight. Son of the Shadows Juliet Marillier. While the love affair is credible, Niamh’s story is far more interesting and with more drama to it than the mundane romance between Liadan and the Painted Man.

Son of the Shadows : Juliet Marillier :

The slow burn of the romance was masterfully done, and a big plus for me was that this book was more action-packed than the first; I instantly felt swept up in the story. Looking for beautiful books? Also GO read the first book.

There are a lot of little building steps that do add to the story but sometimes make it seem like it is moving along slowly. Recommended to Robin by: Absolutely perfect for what I needed to hear. She became one of my favorite characters and I would have liked to see more of her journey — she had a real progression.