Title: The Daughter of Time Author: Tey, Josephine [Elizabeth MacKintosh] ( ) Date of first publication: June Edition used as. with a passing interest in the study of the fifteenth century has heard of Josephine Tey’s book ‘A Daughter of Time’, a mystery novel from The Daughter of Time. Josephine Tey. First published in This web edition published by [email protected] Last updated Wednesday, December 17, .

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And didn’t Sir Thomas More who was an 8-year-old child when Richard died make the same claim in the definitive source about Richard?

Josephine Tey and her two main characters, Alan Grant and Brent Carradine, take a forensic, Scotland Yard approach to the crime, and come up with the conclusion that most of the history books are wrong. He had made guessing games of it and discovered hidden objects; faces, birds, and fishes. Fictional accounts are, it seems, heavily influential in forming the opinions of some people in how history unravelled.

But it’s very rarely that someone can make my mind do such a u-turn, against so much evidence and in the face of my own scepticism. The third man from the left waited submissively for his escort and was led away to his cell again. Shall I take that dreary face away and put up something gayer?

It was shocking how little history remained with one after a good education. Why did the sainted Sir Thomas report Morton rather than someone else? Richard was killed in the battle, fighting courageously, leaving behind him a name hardly less infamous than that of John. This is her first big success. It was Tyrrel who committed the murder and he was found guilty and confessed before his death.

The sale of a house. The other brother was no good to anyone. After reading it, I can definitely see why.

A Review of ‘The Daughter of Time’

The England over which the Wars of the Roses had been fought. She had arranged that he and George should go to Utrecht, as if she were arranging for them to go away to school. And I had done some research at college. The two golden-haired boys who played together in the sunbeam from the barred window in the accompanying picture had each been provided with a pair of anachronistic spectacles, and on the blank back of the picture-page someone had been playing Noughts and Daughtre.


The Daughter of Time

Awful expensive, you know, but a bit depressing. Richard and Anne, and their delicate little son, had come up from Middleham ghe the occasion. I majored in it. But since I am a generous person, you must can read it too.

This novel, published in Rating: She was fascinated with masks, imposters, and identities; those who put on a public face directly contradictory to their true natures; those whose words and actions twisted truth all out of recognition. It had not been a matter of reasoning. Scoring off Mrs Tudor in the next street is harmless and amusing; it may lead you into unwarrantable indulgence in hire-purchase, but it affects only yourself.

The study of history has changed since then, and there’s been more interest in looking at commonly accepted stories, like the idea of Richard III as a murderer, and seeing if there isn’t more to the story.

Depriving George of his standing was one thing: A fascinating meditation on history, propaganda, prejudice and memory. Oct 05, Martine rated it really liked it Shelves: Richard died bravely in the battle which resulted, but he had made his name hated throughout the country and many deserted him to fight for his rival.

So was his restless heart continually tossed and tumbled with the tedious impression and stormy remembrance of his most abominable deeds. This book had the potential to really engage me–it deals with Richard III and all the various permutations of the Yorkist, Lancastrian and Tudor factions in late medieval England, and it’s not badly written at all.

The prose is smooth and easy enough to follow, and the insertion of historical facts is presented in a fairly interesting way. She was delighted that her pokings-about with James in the print shop had been so effective. Although slow in some chapters it tends to read like a history lesson, but very well done – would appeal to history buffs. Dsughter is a more profound mystery than anything I have come up against of late. How can this man, who was a good administrator and excellent military general, also be capable of such unscrupulous and villainous behaviour.


The topic daugter the debate was whether, if the Scottish Parliament were to unilaterally declare that they were holding a referendum on independence, that would be legal. The at-that-moment-inside joke was tossed out and left to hang in the air until Brent Carradine walked in the room, at which moment Marta’s half-comment fell shimmering around him.

He arrived at Northampton [Pg ] on April the 29th. However it did simplify things when you were just a policeman with a game leg and a concussed spine hunting up some information on dead and gone royalties to keep yourself from going crazy.

She was about to rise and join them in their [Pg 81] discussion of sweetmeats—they must not think that she was being critical or aloof—when her granddaughter Elizabeth came breathless and laughing out of the scrimmage and swept into the seat beside her.

The Daughter of Time, by Josephine Tey

I was just remembering my first impressions of it. They must have been country-rocking events. He opened an eye and squinted up at her. Marta said ghe she was in the act of going, and that in any case Brent was a much more welcome visitor than she was nowadays.

Quotes from The Daughter of Time. Nov 24, Ellen rated it really liked it Recommended to Ellen by: This is not an open-a “Sin, death, and hell have set their marks on him, And all their ministers attend on him.

Nothing new to us, perhaps, but a particularly fresh approach inwhen history was often venerated as fact, rather than the saga of the winners. It is a completely untrue story grown to legend while the men who knew it to be untrue looked on and said nothing.

Nearly all out-size women are sexually cold. The values of historians differed so radically from any values with which he was acquainted rhe he could Richard III had been credited with the elimination of two nephews, and his name was a synonym for evil.