Katarzyna Górak-Sosnowska Religijni i niepoczytalni? Terroryzm muzułmański w świetle badań psychologicznych. Religious and mad? Islamic terrorism. Islam wobec globalizacji. Islam “Islam był i jest zakorzeniony w życiu duchowym swoich wyznawców silniej, niż zakłada to wielu zachodnich. Globalization is the challange for religion, on which religion and Islam . [in:] A. Mrozek-Dumanowska, J. Zdanowski, Islam a globalizacja, Warszawa , p.

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There is a consensus that the values such as ideas of globlizacja representative power, tolerance, pluralism of opinions are not inconsistent with the Islamic tradition.

The last group of intellectuals from the circle of the Islamic culture perceives globalization as a cultural invasion with the main goal of destroying the cultural heritage of Islamic civilization.

In other words, on one hand, globalization may be treated as homogenization, that is, unification of behaviour models and standards of societies, with domination of the global culture or imperialism of a single culture. Globalization is perceived as an era of modernization, global communication, information, and capital flow.

However, globalization is also connected with the flow of intangible assets — norms, values and patterns of behaviours. Tulisan ini merupakan hasil korespondensi antara Hasnan Bachtiar dengan dua pakar dinamika politik di Timur Tengah, yakni Amin Saikal dan James Piscatori.

Kultura Historia Globalizacja – Culture History Globalization

Mutual responsibility and cooperation based on the established morality eliminates, in accordance with Islam, the class struggle.

Edited by Aisha Khan. Essentially, the paper argues that there is still a necessity to explore the tensions, interactions, frictions, and collaborations across and at the boundaries between the global umma and the American assabiya, between the global and the local, and between immigrant communities and the growing number of regional converts. Although it is not an ideology accepted by the majority of Muslims, but a constant battle with the unbelievers in Allah is inherent in the nature of Islam and will end when the whole world becomes Muslim.


Local cultures are connected both with a nation and regional and religious group identity2. For Islamic fundamentalists, Islam is not only a religious belief but it also provides a framework, within which the policy and society are shaped.

Islam and global governance: approach or distance? | Katarzyna Jędrzejczyk-Kuliniak –

Quite the opposite, fragmentizing progresses, there appear lines separating all what is within the main stream of global globalization, from what is out of this stream. This may cause further development of movements of fundamental nature.

Perspectives The processes conducive to expansion of the universal social identity of the species include: Shibboleth authentication is only available to registered institutions. These five practices are essential to Sunni Islam which is the base of Black Muslim. Our proposed index will not only contested western inspired Rehman-Askari Global Islamicity Index, but Islam has always displayed strong adaptation capabilities, because it is not a uniform and homogenous culture.

Muslim Networks from Hajj to Hip Hop. Fundamentalists refer to religious traditions in order to express contemporary problems within their symbols.

Migracje a globalizacja

The mentioned three fundamental principles serve as guiding principles to six legal values which will be broken down into variables and indicators of the proposed index in further research. The globalization policy of the modern West, attempting to create a universal model of life, caused the emergence of Islamic movement, trying to defend their cultural and religious identity.

Differences between people result from different roles, the God assigned to them on the Earth.

In the history of Islamic states, there are many important concepts and ideas, which shape the contemporary vision how a just society should look ilsam. This essay offers a brief review of existent literature in the field of Islamic studies in Latin America, the Caribbean, and the Americas focusing on its main themes and suggesting some areas for further consideration and research.


Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Respect for cultural diversity must be part of this new world order.

My New User Account. They are perceived through the prism of fundamentalism as fanatic opponents of any changes, deep-seated in backwardness. This metaphor reflects well the phenomena occurring around.

Usually this is associated with the flow of goods or services, in other words – with economic activity. Theology and Religion, Sociology of Religion Published by: In first globalizacjq, the forementioned globalizacjja fundamental principles serve as guiding principles to six legal values which will be break down into variables and indicators of the proposed index in our research.

Globalization produces new forms of domination, westernization and, under the cover of universality of globalizaxja culture, there takes place hegemony of a specific lifestyle and values. The main problem concerning mutual understanding between civilizations is, first of all, the feeling of superiority, pride and advantage.

In order to freely use the benefits of globalization and global culture fast information flow, possibilities of using cultural achievements of other nationsgroups should be aware of their own culture.

Shibbolet Login User Login. Krzysztof Modras Subject s: Alien values, norms and behaviours influence existing social relations 1.

Skip to main content. Thus, propagation of democracy and human rights depends on a cultural system While, on the other hand, globalization may be treated as hybridization, which consists in assimilation into local cultures of only certain, common elements, which correspond to requirements of local 26 P.