iriver clix user guide – chisquared – download iriver clix user guide iriver pdf iriver pmc mp3 players owners manual – manual iriver t listening experience during the playback of your audible filesdownload iriver clix user guide iriver clix user guide pdf view and download iriver s manual. Download Iriver Clix Manual Pdf download iriver clix user guide iriver clix user guide pdf view and download iriver s manual online s mp3 player pdf.

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If the frequency is already stored, the existing channel will be deleted. Playing Flash Games 1. It is dangerous and is illegal in some areas.

You can store 10 pages for latest 10 text files. Selects the size of font. You may not copy or reproduce any part of this manual unless authorized by iriver Limited. The initialization process is completed and the product is disconnected from your PC.

The information on this manual is prepared with the current player specifications. Displays information of Audible file which is being played.

IRiver CLIX User Manual

Manuao manufacturer, iriver Limited, is adding new features to the product and may persistently apply new technologies hereafter. Select iriver plus 3 and click the [Install] button. To operate the product, press down on the edge of the screen in one of four directions. Purchases music file which is being played.


Sets the speed of music playback.

iriver clix user guide

Selects the play mode which decides the playing order. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Displays the list of recorded files.

Copy the contents to proper folders as below. Records voice only when sound can be detected. Copy the file to the iriver clix and disconnect irivr cable to activate the upgrade process.

Select [Extras- Browse Device] in the [Home] menu. Changes levels of each frequency range to create your own equalization. The product may not be charged in extremely hot and cold place. Browsing Device Deleting file 1.

Sets the quality of recorded voice. Press the [6] button on the product to turn it on. Sets the proper boost level by earphone model. Sets the levels of 3D sound effects. Select [Now Playing] in the [Home] menu.

It is available only when the music file contains lyric information. Limited Liability Neither the Manufacturer, importers nor dealers is responsible for any accidental damage including bodily injury or any damage resulting from misuse or unsuitable operation by irover. Selects the type of alarm to be operated. It may case a malfunction. Select [Pictures] in the [Home] menu.


Sets the duration of alarming sound. Advanced – File Tree: Sets the speed of file playback. Sets the scroll speed of characters when file information is too long to display at one time. Be careful not to delete valuable data because changing [Connection Type] will delete all data in the product.

Playing Audible file 1. If it is properly connected, the LCD will be shown as below. Click the icon on the taskbar to disconnect the 2. Moves to the previous sub-menu. Using iriver plus 3, transfers file with the MSC connection type. Refer to page Users are responsible for observing the copyrights and intellectual properties. Refer to the picture below to check the common key functions in flash games. Selects the type for turning off the player. After the download is completed, disconnect the cable to activate the firmware upgrade.

The earphones cord functions as an antenna.