Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Amy A. Bartol is the award-winning author of the Premonition series, which includes the novels Inescapable, Intuition. Intuition by Amy A. Bartol, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Title: Intuition (The Premonition #2). Author: Amy A. Bartol. Summary (by Goodreads). I don’t open my eyes so I can’t see him, but I can smell.

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He got the surveillance disks, but your trail went cold in Mackinaw. All in all, even with the “negatives” listed below, I do think this book is stronger than the first book. If ever I were in a situation where every supernatural being out there either wanted me as their “pet” or wanted me dead? Some parts were much better than others. I would say common sense but that will never happen. So she makes the unilateral decision to take off, in her mind protecting those who are protecting her, and taking Russell with her.

And Alfred’s downfall is now forever engrained in my head. How could she just leave Reed like that?!? It’s a book for christ sake!

Like give the girl some tough love and maybe she’ll grow a spine. So on with this book. Yes she wants to protect him, but she somehow thinks that they’ll be safe alone even thought the whole army of creatures is after her!


This part of the book is not too bad, if only it werent for the awfully anoying accents that some of the main vampyre characters speak with. Do you have a thing for breath-taking romances?

I must say that Mrs. She thinks she will be saving them, by being gone. It was really an act like a geisha view spoiler [when she persuaded Brennus to kill Alfred by turning him on. A new villain is introduced in this book which I find to be exciting.

You do NOT use it when speaking to just one person! The main reason that this gets a five star is because I love how its inruition

Book Review: Intuition (The Premonition #2) by Amy A. Bartol

View all 40 comments. That’s a rather tired plot direction. After they get away and everything, new trouble is in the air! We get to meet a lot of new characters in this one, and the paranormal love triangle goes to a square Trust me, it was JUST as annoying to type. I felt like I was Evie, what she had to go through just vy me up.

In the meantime they have some troubles but nothing that big-guy Reed can’t handle. But they are well controlled by their King, abrtol loves Evie and wants her for his very own. From everthing I have read about this series is that the books get worse and intuitiln author is dragging out the series. Fewer dialogue issues this time around but the pacing still leaves something to be desired. You are commenting using your WordPress.


The main character, Evie, continued to find out who she really was and where she truly belonged.

Meanwhile, she is in this love triangle with Russell, that suddenly evolves into a square-tangle I don’t know if this is even a word relationship. He’s a great male lead.

Intuition (The Premonition, #2) by Amy A. Bartol

These are essentially fairy vampires, and I have to say, that even though they are the bad guys, they are just a little bit awesome. Second book was just as good as the first. I never saw something like that before. Bartol is the award-winning intuution of the Premonition series, which includes the novels “Inescapable,” “Intuition,” “Indebted,” and “Incendiary.

Book Review: Intuition (The Premonition #2) by Amy A. Bartol

I have to admit, I felt miserable along with her. I’ll try to mark all the spoilers here, but if you haven’t read the book one and you’re planing to then don’t read my review. I understand that this is fiction but what does it really say about how we as humans think strategically. For example, sometimes I thought only a few bartoll passed after ammy happened to the characters, but it turned out to be more than 3 months or so.