INTERNSHIP REPORT ONPAKISTAN TELECOMMUNICATION COMPANY LIMITED Submitted to: The Chairman Department of Business Administ. An internship report; internship in the department of WLL, Switching and The system of E-PAYMENT which although exist in PTCL finance. internship report on ptcl history Financial analysis all things available.

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Achieving high performance in the media and entertainment industries through application outsourcing Companies operating in today s global commerce rely on business application systems to energize supply. Your guide to business solutions from Vodacom Business Fiance complete package The balance sheet contains different figures of liabilities and assets.


Maternity leave is for female if she is pregnant or gives birth to a child. International tariff means international business with the whole world i.

Purpose These guidelines set out the basic policy, framework and operating policy of the corporate governance. PTCL is a largest telecommunications provider in Pakistan. These no the results to be achieved. I would like to thank Administrator.

The responsibilities of the General Manager Finance usually fall in the area of financial management, preparation of annual budgets, determining the revenue targets for the year, investor, and banker relations and controlling the Directors revenue in all the regions. An employee who have completed 5 year of service will get 3 years of leave and if an employee have completed 3 year of service he will get 1 year leave.

Inin response to the complex operating environment, slowdown in industry growth and intensifying market competition, the Group overcame Fiannce, in response to the complex operating environment, financf in industry growth and intensifying market competition, the Group overcame various challenges, and continued to explore business growth potential, More information. We are a start-up company offering web and internet services to small businesses and. I want to say special thanks to the following: Last year when Government was going to privatize the company there was country wide protest and strike by PTCL workers.


Overview To address the growing expectations of customers and finnce, innovative insurance carriers are starting to leverage communication and collaboration technologies as cinance competitive advantage for.

It not only gives advice, offers services but also control the policies of the administration. This program directly focuses on the poor populace of Pakistan. Kamal Admin ;tcl Mr.


A New Experience in Outsourcing: The sub- division has different units or sections headed by Engineering Supervisors ES. The account type is required in addition to the account number in order to identify an account, since the same account number can be used for each account type.

They also supervise the work of Technicians, Assistants, Line staff and other officials, the different diagrams show the complete management hierarchy within the PTCL. Lately, however, Ufone had increased its market share in the cellular sector.

This leave is for 90 days.

Internship Report on Ptcl

M Fin Manager Engineer S. In the capacity had exceeded 4. Log In Sign Up. Globalization, industrialization and technological advancement are very necessary to speed up in fast lane.

Parking saves the data in the form of batches, here the entry is saved but without updating the related ledge. Ufone currently caters for International Roaming to more than live operators in more than countries. OR The process flow is organized in such a way that one employee saves invoices as complete for posting, this means that the balance is zero and no more changes are necessary. I have collected the data for this report in many ways.

In total there are more than million subscribers of mobile phone. Pakistan Telecommunication Corporation PTC took over operations and functions intenship Pakistan Telephone and Telegraph Department under Pakistan Telecommunication Corporation Act This coincided with the Government’s competitive policy, encouraging private sector participation and resulting in award of licenses for cellular, card-operated pay-phones, paging ptc, lately, data communication services.


Under the new vision of Etisalat and with the support and collaboration of its employees and vendors, Ufone aspires to be the best in the market by offering customer focused products and a quality service and sales network. Their expectations are high, but organisations More information.

Since the outset, it has expanded its coverage and customer base at a rapid pace and established itself as one of the leading cellular service providers in Pakistan. Ufone is poised to face the ever increasing challenges of the market and is geport it will attract new customers.

Outgoing Payment means payment against the booked invoice which is dealt with the 1st highlighted menu.

Blue to employee s concerned department. This turnover ratios interpret that ,the collection days of is more than that of M has at least one Senior Manager or Manager or both. BOD Board of Directors. Some of these methods are as follows. These traits includes communication, punctuation, skill, quality work etc. Qatar Insurance Company board meeting Formatted: You can change the sort sequence in the line item display.

Without necessity installation of dedicated resources, VPN enables organization to create a private network. There is general body meeting once a year of all the shareholders to elect the members of board of directors. The PTCL not only bringing the benefit of high speed internet access to subscribers in major cities but will also generate new revenue streams for future growth.