Traditional Asian table game Carrom – comprehensive instructions for friendly play in the rules even though an international regulatory body and several major Masters Games has based the following rules on those from the UK Carrom. Main article: International Carrom Federation. The ICF promulgates International Rules of Carrom (also. Laws of Carrom. Laws of Carrom Copyright. © International Carrom Federation. Return to top. Powered by WordPress and the Graphene Theme.

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The breadth of the frame shall not be less than 6.

The breadth efderation the frame shall not be less than 6. The powder shall not be wet. Two additional points shall be awarded, if demanded by the opponent.

Login Register Old Site. When carrom is played at a professional level in tournaments, there is only one fixed format, i. One additional point for. Boards with larger pockets are used by beginners for easier game play. A Ijternational shall be declared to be imposed as per Laws.

Board by 3 points. These boards may also be printed with the circular pattern for playing crokinole. The Carrommen shall have a smooth movement in a flat position on the playing surface of the Carrom Board when struck by a striker of standard specifications.


In other words, a player shall get two points for pocketing Queen at all stages of the set without any consideration of the score. Retrieved 2 February Once a protest is recorded and handed over, the play shall continue from where it stopped. If utilised, rulees shall be asked by the Umpire to rectify.

Carrom – Quick Guide

The United States Carrom Association reports on competitions in the US and Canada and has a player ranking list as of the last tournament. If the score is 22 or more he shall win by one point. Archived from the original on 16 February The Base lines shall be closed by circles of 3. A player committing a foul must return one carrom man that was already pocketed. The Carrom Board, when placed on it, shall not be uneven or shaky. Engraved decent designs on the striker are permissible.

The piece of plywood adjoining the corners of the frame shall be cut off. Once a protest is lodged, it shall not be permitted to be withdrawn. Break is taken by a player, who has chosen to strike first. General A stroke shall be taken by means of a Striker only.

They are struck by a Striker of standard specification which is larger and heavier.

Stool or Chair F. A Foul shall be declared against the offending player as per Laws.

Carrom – Wikipedia

In case his partner does not find the. Stand or Table Fedeeation. One additional point shall be awarded. Carrom is very commonly played by families, including children, and at social functions. If a player pockets queen and the striker in one proper strike, then the queen and additional two carrommen are placed in the circle for the player to continue with his turn. A penalty shall be imposed as per Rule 63 a. The opponent plays black.


Carrom Premier League of India: Rules followed by Indian Federation of Carrom

It shall be called the Outer Circle. The player shall not hold any solid material sexcept the Striker in either hand during the course of his turn.

Adjoining the playing surface of the Carrom Board there shall be wooden frames with inside curved corners made of Rosewood or any other hard wood with good resistance, with a minimum height of 1.

The Carrommen shall have a. International Olympic Committee has also recognized the sport in s. The oral protest shall be intimated to the Umpire immediately after the incident takes place along with the prescribed scrutiny fee.