Posts about Insolventieverordening written by Geert van Calster. Year: ; Title: De Europese Insolventieverordening en het notariaat; Journal: JBN: Juridische Berichten voor het Notariaat; Volume: 3; Pages (from-to): Year: ; Title: De Europese Insolventieverordening in de Nederlandse rechtspraak; Journal: Nederlands Internationaal Privaatrecht; Volume | Issue number.

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De Europese insolventieverordening – Wautelet Patrick

In addition, this Regulation should lay down rules on the coordination of insolvency proceedings which relate to the same debtor or to several members of the same group of companies.

In respect of the national procedures contained in Annex A, this Regulation should apply without any further examination by the courts of another Member State as to whether the conditions set out in this Regulation are met. In insolvency proceedings relating to an individual not exercising a business or professional activity, the use of the standard form referred to in this Article shall not be obligatory if creditors are not required to lodge their claims in order to have their claims taken into account in the proceedings.

In accordance with Article 3 and Article 4a 1 of Protocol No 21 on the position of the United Kingdom and Ireland in respect of the area of freedom, security and justice, annexed to the Treaty on European Union and the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, the United Kingdom and Ireland have notified their wish to take part in the adoption and application of this Regulation.

The stay of the opening of secondary insolvency proceedings shall be lifted by the court of its own motion or at the request of any creditor if, during the stay, an agreement in the negotiations referred to in the first subparagraph has been concluded.

Mr Kemsley has remained in the United States. The costs of the cooperation and communication provided for in Articles 56 to 60 incurred by an insolvency practitioner or a court shall be regarded as costs and expenses incurred in the respective proceedings.

Elke schuldeiser moet kunnen behouden wat hij in het kader van een insolventieprocedure verkregen heeft, doch kan pas aan de verdeling van de boedel in een andere procedure deelnemen wanneer de schuldeisers met gelijke rang een evenredige uitkering van hun vorderingen hebben gekregen. The persons and bodies referred to in the first subparagraph are listed in Annex B.

Mr Kemsley was unable to keep up repayment to Barclays of instalments under the extended loan, and failed to stick to a repayment schedule for debts with another company. The notice referred to in paragraph 1 shall be sent by registered letter, attested by an acknowledgment of receipt. Dit geldt bijvoorbeeld voor de zeer uiteenlopende regels inzake zekerheidsrechten die in de Gemeenschap worden aangetroffen. Let me just add one or two things.


Less is more, I know — Apologies for the long title and thank you to Matthias Storme for highlighting the case.

The system shall provide a search service in all the official languages of the institutions of the Union in order to make available the mandatory information and any other documents or information included in the insolvency registers which the Member States choose to make available through the European e-Justice Portal. Iedere lidstaat kan evenwel de inschrijving verplicht stellen.

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jnsolventie This may require, in the event of a shift of centre of main interests, informing creditors of the new location from which the debtor is carrying out its activities in due course, for example by drawing attention to the change of address in commercial correspondence, or by making the new location public through other appropriate means. Where the law of the Member State in which the opening of secondary insolvency proceedings is requested requires that the debtor’s assets be sufficient to cover in whole or in part the costs and expenses of the proceedings, the court may, when it receives such a request, require the applicant to make an advance payment of costs or to provide appropriate security.

Indien de schuldenaar door een na de opening van de insolventieprocedure verrichte handeling onder bezwarende titel beschikt over:. Deze procedure moet een liquidatieprocedure zijn.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Bij vennootschappen en rechtspersonen verordning, zolang het tegendeel niet is bewezen, het centrum van de voornaamste belangen vermoed de plaats van de statutaire zetel te zijn. Insolvency practitioners appointed in relation to members of a group and the coordinator shall cooperate with each other to the extent that such cooperation is not incompatible with the rules applicable to the respective proceedings.

Languages Deutsch Svenska Edit links.

This is also the basis on which any dispute should be resolved where the courts of two Member States both claim competence to open the main insolvency proceedings. In order to protect employees and jobs, the effects of insolvency proceedings on the continuation or termination of employment and on the rights and obligations of all parties to such employment should be determined by the law applicable to the relevant employment agreement, in accordance with the general rules on conflict of laws.

Fraudulent trading Misfeasance Trading while insolvent Wrongful trading. De gevolgen van deze procedure gelden alleen ten aanzien van de goederen van de schuldenaar die zich op het grondgebied van die lidstaat bevinden. The coordinator shall be a person eligible under the law of a Member State to act as an insolvency practitioner.

That leaves the overall question, whether the Insolvency Regulation accommodates forum non conveniens it certainly does not have a formal rule on it, in contrast with the Brussels I recast. Furthermore, verordrning preferential rights enjoyed by some creditors in insolvency proceedings are, in some cases, completely different.


In light of such cooperation, insolvency practitioners and courts should be able to enter into agreements and protocols for the purpose of facilitating cross-border cooperation of multiple insolvency proceedings in different Member States concerning the same debtor or members of the same group of companies, where this is compatible with the rules applicable to each of the proceedings.

However, this rule should not affect national rules on recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards. Where a Member State makes use of the possibility referred to in the first subparagraph, the insolvency proceedings verordenimg not affect the claims of foreign creditors who have not received the information referred to in the first subparagraph.

Where the court of a Member State which has insolvenhie pursuant to Article 3 1 appoints a temporary administrator in order to ensure the preservation of a debtor’s assets, that temporary administrator shall be empowered to request any measures to secure and preserve any of the debtor’s assets situated in another Member State, provided verordenint under the law of that Member State, for the period between the request for the opening of insolvency proceedings and the judgment opening the proceedings.

De curator van een secundaire procedure moet de curator van de hoofdprocedure tijdig de gelegenheid bieden voorstellen in te dienen om de boedel van de secundaire procedure te liquideren of op enigerlei wijze te gebruiken.

Of note are also the apparent limits to the international harmonisation of COMI as things stand. The insolvency practitioner in the main or secondary insolvency proceedings shall be entitled to participate in other proceedings on the same basis as a creditor, in particular by attending creditors’ meetings.

The insolvency practitioner’s appointment shall be evidenced by a certified copy of the original decision appointing it or by any other certificate issued by the court which has jurisdiction. For such transactions, the only law which is relevant should be that applicable to the system or market concerned.

Insolventieverordening | gavc law – geert van calster

Subject to Articles 8 and 10, the insolvency practitioner may, in particular, remove the debtor’s assets from the territory of the Member State in which they are situated. Wanneer op activa krachtens het recht van de staat waar de zaak zich bevindt zakelijke rechten rusten, terwijl insolentie hoofdprocedure in een andere lidstaat wordt gevoerd, moet de curator in de hoofdprocedure om opening van een secundaire procedure kunnen verzoeken in het rechtsgebied waar de zakelijke rechten ontstaan, wanneer de schuldenaar daar een vestiging heeft.

De rechters van de lidstaat waar het centrum van de voornaamste belangen van de schuldenaar gelegen is, zijn bevoegd de insolventieprocedure te openen.