Wojciech Skowroński: Ilustrowany leksykon architektoniczno-budowlany. Warszawa: Witold Szolginia: Ilustrowana encyklopedia dla wszystkich. Architektura i. Press, Exton, Pennsylvania , [8] Skowroński W., Ilustrowany Leksykon Architektoniczno – Budowlany, Wydawnictwo. „Arkady”, Warszawa , , . Miśniakiewicz E., Skowroński W.; Rysunek techniczny budowlany; Arkady; Warszawa Skowroński W. i inni; Ilustrowany leksykon architektoniczno- budowlany;.

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Skowrónski, Wojciech

Lists and features three-dimensional mapping method in the plane. Can draw the slopes of embankments and excavations in the design of earthworks.

Puncture points ilustowany the straight line and searching for visibility of the line. Understands the relationship between the projections and intersections in the drawing construction. Knows what rules apply to the geometric design of roofs. Knowledge Has a strong spatial imagination. Architectural and construction drawings. Plane sections of polyhedra. Has a strong spatial imagination. Knows the most important differences between the technical documentation prepared for the purpose of technical drawings of steel, RC, timber, and for architectural and construction drawings.


Drawing polygons in the plane. Drawing sections of the conical and cylindrical surfaces. Finding traces and projections of straight lines and ilustrosany edges between ilusfrowany with Monge projection. Projection of point and straight line onto the plane.

Can make acrhitektoniczno-budowlany projection of roof surfaces of the same slope, taking into account the proximity of other buildings and diversity in heights of stories. Has skills in reading spatial form of object. Course descriptions are protected by copyright. Can place dimensions and describe the basic elements of objects in a drawing.

Drawing polyhedra on multiple viewports. Knows the basic principles of relations between the components.

Can reproduce three-dimensional object by its projection on the architektoniczno-budowlayn. Can create a vertical section through iluwtrowany part of a building. Lecture, 9 hours more information Project work, 18 hours more information. Knows and understands the basic rules and principles of preparation of technical documentation.

Can present object in a axonometric sketch and create a section. Has stimulated and developed individual spatial imagination helping to understand the connections and relationships occurring in surrounding area. Penetration of polygons and their visibility. Drawing of structures – dimensioning of structural elements in technical drawings. Lecture, 18 hours more information Project work, 9 hours more information. Skills Has skills in reading spatial form of object. Applying the third viewport.


Assessment methods and assessment criteria:.

Can use appropriate symbols and signs of code. Demonstrates understanding of the accuracy and application of known principles of descriptive geometry and technical drawing in other areas of science. You are not logged in log in.

Dach pilasty – Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia

Puncture points of the straight line with the polyhedra and surfaces, searching for visibility of the line. Skip to main menu Skip to submenu Skip to content. Knows how to read and write the space in marked projections situation and altitude map.