When it first appeared in , Bread and Wine stunned the world with its exposure of Italy’s fascist state, depicting that regime’s use of. As Ignazio Silone’s novel Bread and Wine opens, Don Benedetto, a Catholic priest, is sitting outside his modest home. It is his seventy-fifth birthday, and he is . Something has been lost in the shuffle, buried under the exotic. Reading Ignazio Silone’s Bread and Wine was to hear its narration muffled and.

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It has been recently revealed that he also was a police informer for the fascists, providing information leading to the arrest of many left wing opponents of the regime. A story of real people who still know how to make their own wine and their own bread.

Een nieuwer testament Book by Hella S. Or was he exposed to the government by any informer? The novel quickly leaves the priest behind to follow one of his students, Pietro Spina, as he steals his way back into Italy as a socialist comrade. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. He takes on the disguise of an old priest known as Sikone Paolo Spada. Cosmicomics Book by Italo Calvino.

Read it in the book. Book The Italiansby Luigi Barzini. They constantly come to him with their problems, and he grudgingly is dragged into their private lives by offering “absolution” for their sins. Book Lady of Asoloby Siobhan Daiko. Dec 24, Stef Smulders rated it really liked it.

In that novel he explored in detail the lives of peasants in the early s rise of Fascism in Italy. SuperOldie Book by Bryan Murphy. Italy, a Romantic Journey: The pretend priest is a misfit in his Party, too, becomes persecuted by it over the question of rubber-stamping Soviet Russia. I Malavoglia Book by Giovanni Verga.


Life of Giuseppe Verdi: Before snd was 20 he had established himself in Rome as editor of a socialist weekly.

Bread and Wine

Jack Frusciante Has Left the Band: As you follow the story through to brdad conclusion, Spina never wavers from his conviction, but the author definitely wavers. All books format are mobile-friendly. Never conform to the majority. He draws a stark contrast between the pure resolve of Spina and the “go along to get along” compromise made by the lawyer Zabaglione.

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It is a conflict which is unresolvable and the main character does not succeed in finding a way out. Highly recommended and just as cu In Fascist Italy, a Socialist man recently returned from exile, in order breadd evade the law, is disguised as a priest–as an ecclesiastic he will have immunity from persecution– and lives among the peasants of the Abruzzi.

Book The Betrothedby Alessandro Manzoni. Zeno’s Conscience Book by Italo Svevo.

Ignazio Silone: BREAD AND WINE

The novels that made him world famous as an anti-Fascist were Fontamara and Bread and Wine, the latter first published in English in and then in 17 other languages as well as in Italian. However, he meets a young violin player who has fled the party and who tries to convince Pietro that he should as well.

The novel chronicles his adventures, both funny and tragic and we are exposed to the peasantry. See comments at end for addition from silonw readers.

He has been compared to the Italian Orwell. For such a grim setting, with such grinding poverty and fatalism everywhere in the novel, there is a surprising amount of humor, too. Both novels concentrate on the Italian rural poor, who are suffering under Mussolini’s dictatorship and who dearly wish they could emigrate to America or Argentina.


Arturo’s Island Book by Elsa Morante.

Bread and Wine PDF by Ignazio Silone – tygc

Book Midnight in Sicilyby Peter Robb. We can feel the powerlessness of the people as the black time of Mussolini sweeps away the opposition. Life gives one what it winw the issue is to bear it as best one can. You do not need to share the political view of the heroes to enjoy the book.

For such a grim setting, with such grinding poverty and fat I don’t know how to characterize this book succinctly. Eisler did not use Silone’s text verbally, but extracted his poetry from Silone’s prose. From Fiume to Navelli: This book offers scope for multifaceted reviews and reflection. The scene effectively sets the stage for the coming debates on communism and social responsibilty that will be wrestled with for the rest of the book.

Bread and Wine by Ignazio Silone

There are a lot of interesting political-philosophical considerations ginazio the novel but the story Three and a half stars really for this novel. This work remains one of my favorites, especially for its understated, ironic tone. Book The Fires of Vesuvius: The Aeneid Book by Virgil.

Christ Stopped at Eboli: