Introduction. (This introduction is not part of IEEE Std P, DraftStandard for a Common Mezza- The mezzanine card’s local bus can be PCI, SBus orother local buses as they are developed in the . Relationship Between VME, VME64 and VMEbus. .. Other Host PCB Mechanics. Compatibility – IEEE P PMC module which complies to PCI Local Bus Specification Revision Provides one multifunction interrupt. 5V signaling. Created for compact PCI Mezzanine Card site rack-based system designs, the read-writer’s form factor (PMC) conforms to the PMC IEEE P/Draft

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Pn is surrounded by three ground pins and is recommended for critical signals such as the clock signal. This will allow for double sized CMCs to be plugged into those slots.

A reference dimension used to coordinate mechanical interfaces.

PCI Bus, PC CardBus, PCMCIA, Reader Writer, Mezzanine PMC

All CMC slots shall receive these signals as input only signals. The host is to provide one or more slot opening s into which the mezzanine card s are plugged. Memory data bus width: All printed wiring boards PWBs are manufactured by UL recognized manufacturers, and have a rdaft rating of V0 or better. No component is allowed to protrude through this envelope, except the CMC connectors, standoffs and bezel retention screws.

Common Mezzanine Card – CMC – PH

CMC Presents to System The mechanics for desktop computers, portable computers, servers and other similar types of computers are not defined, since these designs vary from computer to computer and manufacturer to manufacturer. PCB warpage during the manufacturing process shall be included for calculating and measuring maximum component heights so as not to protrude through this envelope. Any table entry that was changed will have a thicker vertical line on the right side of changed entry.


Note that warpage of the PCB shall be included in the component height on both sides. These connectors shall be referred to as the plug, or “Pn” connector. This key word is used interchangeably with the phrase “is recommended. The position shown is for reference only and is not a recommendation. Table lists the relationship change in dimensions between the plug seating height and the standoff’s height as the side 1 and side 2 component area heights are increased or decreased.

Recommendations as to which iefe are used are left to the child standards which use this standard for the mechanical card definition. If the host’s local bus operates on the 3. There are three critical dimensions that shall be measured to verify that a CMC will fit properly in a host computer’s CMC slot. The component envelope maximum height shall be draftt.

Note that special components which o1386.1 not electrically isolated have conductive top surfaces from the PCB’s power and ground planes shall be shorter in height and shall not protrude through the special heights listed in Table If a CMC does not use all of the connectors, this space is open to be utilized by additional components. The associated voltage keying holes for mezzanine cards are defined in the previous chapter.


P free download, or read P online

The component envelope is where electronic components such ICs, chips, devices, resistors, drxft, etc. Figure illustrates a single size and a double size mezzanine card defined by this draft standard. They are also used when extending this standard with additional dimensions where such extensions are permitted and when alternative positions of piece parts are described.

The host mezzanine card slot mechanics are defined in the next chapter. Single wide mezzanine drafft are 75 mm wide by mm deep by 8. Note that the P See chapter 6 of this standard for required signal pin mappings.

Taller components can be used ieeee the mezzanine card area when 13 mm stacking height is used. This shoulder should be attached to the host and must present a clear hole that allows a fastener from the host side to be threaded into the mezzanine standoff.

Standoffs are used to maintain the spacing between the CMC and the host, and to provide mechanical rigidity. The vertical position is variable and left open to the designer as to the exact position.

A single mechanical definition builds larger markets with many more unique functions being provided for the multitude of dragt applications, and at a lower price. PCI bus local interface.