Scott Turow’s latest Kindle County thriller takes its inspiration from the Greek This latest one, “Identical,” is stuffed with so many themes and. Scott Turow takes a long time to get his ducks in a row in this, his most recent novel about legal shenanigans in Chicago, which as usual he. Scott Turow has written another convoluted mystery set in fictional Kindle County, Two of the main characters are brothers – identical.

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The first chapter was rough to get into and I thought some of the twin forensics overdone, but I found the book entertaining. Fast-forward a few decades. As we’ve come to expect from him Turow gives us lots of twists and turns. Nov 21, JoAnne Pulcino rated it it was ok Shelves: I am not easily fooled by mystery stories at this point in my life, but this one got turoow.

Turow seems to enjoy lavishing in the lives of his supporting characters which, at times, does slow down if not altogether blur the tension line. Identical 10 71 Apr 17, Cass has just gotten out of prison after serving 25 years for killing his girlfriend. Oct 23, Julie rated it really liked it Shelves: We catch up a little with some familiar characters, but their roles are small.

Oct 26, Jill rated it liked it. What is revealed in a long running web of lies and deceit that both bonds the Gianni and Kronon families and ultimately tears them back apart. It was slow going. View all 11 comments. A Novel By Jackie Copleton. Did the writing improve that much? Zeus was afraid us humans would get too powerful so he sliced us right down the middle, and everybody spends their life looking for the matching piece. Although, he is soon to be released.


I was immersed in this one immediately — I found both Cass and Paul to be extremely fascinating, their relationship being a naturally close one — and as the themes of family, betrayal, love and loss are explored here, the picture starts to become clearer…or does it.

And, of course, both Cass and Paul, being so close to one another, lost something dear to themselves, as Cass spent 25 years in prison for his crime.

IDENTICAL by Scott Turow | Kirkus Reviews

At least three different times I was sure I knew what was happening, and I was wrong each time. I’ve read Turow before and loved Presumed Innocent though I’ve yet to read Innocent where characters from the first clash yet again. The plot winds here and there, then back to there and here again. Please don’t pelt me with rocks The novel focuses principally on events inwhen Paul is a candidate for Mayor of Kindle County, and Cass is released from the penitentiary, 25 years after pleading IDENTICAL, based loosely on the myth of Castor and Pollux, is the story of identical twins Paul and Cass Giannis and the complex relationships between their family and their former neighbors, the Kronons.

But the characters weren’t fully developed so I didn’t really care about them one way or the other. Nov 04, Paula rated it it was amazing.

It’s a twisty plot full of surprises and tragedy and family love. Scott Turow practiced law before turning his attention to fiction writing. There is a large cultural affair on the grounds on Zeus’ home and that evening Dita is found dead.

This is very true on many levels in this book.

It should be noted however, that all the characters are well developed, with very little stereotyping. Oh, and don’t forget about those other Greek twins, Castor and Pollux. Report a mispronounced word. Paul had claimed that Cass was innocent of the crime, but then–why did Cass confess? And Lidia has a secret. The forensics about the twins was very interesting, but the manipulation of taking advantage of the identicalness of the twins toward the ending became tiresome and very confusing.


Amid the supermodernity of DNA tests, the austerity of case law and the tangles of contemporary politics Hal, horrors, even threatening to vote for ObamaTurow never loses sight of the ancient underpinnings of his story, with a conclusion that places Hal, Zeus, Hermione and Aphrodite in the vicinity of Olympus, their true neighborhood.


Both were practicing attorneys who were drafting their first novels during breaks in court appearances and at night and weekends. It would spoil the story to do more here than whisper the name Medea in what she eventually turns up. The story opens as one identical twin, Paul Giannis is nearing the home stretch of his mayoral campaign just as the tuurow twin Cassian is ending his 25 year stretch in prison for the murder of his girl friend Dita Kronon.

I identucal like the nitty gritty legal aspects of this one, like the judge’s ruling on whether a subpoena in a case that was being dismissed was still valid.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Oct 05, Una Tiers rated it really liked it. It’s as if he’s forgotten the art of good story-telling. Who one identifies with an Courtroom drama and medical forensics Two men, identical twins, one goes to jail at age 25 for the murder of his sweetheart.

Their lives are on the right track until the death of Cass’ girlfriend Dita changes the course of both their lives.