Adapted from David K. Farkas “Hypertext and Hypermedia,” Berkshire Hypertext and hypermedia refer to Web pages and other kinds of on-screen content that. This work proposes an engineering approach for adaptive hypermedia applications. Adaptive Classes FileType and News model preferences of the user. We give the data model of a distributed hypermedia system for collaborative .. Furthermore every Media object has a name and a filetype.

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Perry, ” Variable definitions for W3 “,24 pages.

Systems and methods for enabling two-way communication between one or more exercise devices and computer devices and for enabling users of the one or more exercise devices to competitively exercise. L, ” Tim’s Notes on W5 “, Jul. Note that hypertext document 12itself, has hypertext at Ben Shneiderman, ” Designing to Facilitate Browsing: If the user selects additional hypertext 26then the text for hypertext document 12 is displayed on the user screen.

Does Hypermedia Accelerate Learning? Integration of data between typed objects by mutual, direct invocation between object managers corresponding to object types.

System and method for distributed processing of non-processable elements of a document to be rendered on a client. Leone and Antonio Ticca, Towards a user environment integrating hypermedia browsers, scientific visualization programs and numerical simulation programs, Proceeding AVI, new York,3 pages.

Mouse may have one or more buttons such as buttons shown in FIG. Further, by only transmitting the updated frame buffer containing a new view for the embryo image, the amount of data sent over network is reduced. A Guide to Cyberspace “, Oct. Teleradiology systems for rendering and visualizing remotely-located volume data sets. They have suggested that hypermedia is more congruent with the nonlinear workings of the mind, engages learners, allows self-paced exploration of information, and enables access to vast amounts of information.


System and method for preventing identity theft or misuse by restricting access.

A Conceptual OverviewApr. Network management agent with user created objects providing additional functionality. Scalable and flexible internet fax architecture for processing outbound fax messages. Another found that passive learners benefited from hypermedia that provided cues about the availability of more information on a given topic, but active learners did equally well with and without the cues. Adaptive pattern recognition based controller apparatus and method and human-factored interface therefore.

The image data is computed by one or more copies of a process called VRServer that may be executing on remote computers on the network. The method of claim 35wherein the coordination performed comprises generating and sending by the one or more coordination computers commands over a network to coordinate activity of the separate computers working together to perform viewing transformations to enable the interaction with the object.

The method of claim 39wherein: Thus, the user is able to interactively manipulate a multidimensional image object by means of the present invention.

Thus, it is desirable to have a system that allows a user at a small client computer connected to the Internet to locate, retrieve and manipulate data objects when the data objects are bandwidth-intensive and compute-intensive. This means that application client can make requests over network for data objects, such as multidimensional image objects. Perry, ” Enhancements for Lucid Emacs “,12 pages.


4.0819 Hypertext & Hypermedia Bibliography (1/132)

Conclusion Taken as a whole, the results indicate that hypermedia hypermeria not yet a great advance to pedagogy. When a user selects a phrase in a hypertext document that has an associated link to another document, the linked document is retrieved and displayed on the user’s display screen.

Other applications of the invention are possible. The present invention allows a user at a client computer connected to a network to locate, retrieve and manipulate objects in an interactive way.

Jon Relay’s Apple II Info Archives

The method includes the steps of providing at least one client workstation and one network server coupled to the network environment where the network environment is a distributed hypermedia environment; displaying, on the client workstation, a portion of a hypermedia document received over the network from the server, where the hypermedia document includes an embedded controllable application; and interactively controlling the embedded controllable application from the client workstation via communication sent over the distributed hypermedia environment.

For example, in FIG. Method and apparatus for constructing and viewing a multi-media patient summary.

Users are limited to traditional hypertext and hypermedia forms of selecting linked data objects for retrieval and launching viewers or other forms of external software to have the data objects presented in a comprehensible way.