I quickly read through that TSB funny thing is, my ’08 Civic Hybrid exhibited these symptoms while still in warranty. Dealership did ultimately. Honda Civic Hybrid – Negative Camber Problem; What You Need To the same part numbers, but actually mentions the TSB “S/B# “. The Civic’s Rapid and Uneven Tire Wear Problem On February 8th, they issued a TSB (TSB ) describing repair procedures for.

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I google search 07 civic rear tire noise and find THIS site!

Factory Service Bulletin for Rear Control Arms – Honda-Tech – Honda Forum Discussion

About beaten down at this point and sick and tired of cvic with the issue. Send a private message to Nighthawk R Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait.

Again cific dealer is called, and an appointment is scheduled to take a look at it. So I bought two Goodrich same size but a little taller in the profile and will try them 30 days to see how the mileage goes and put them on the back if the mileage drops.

Contact Us – civuc. They pulled and inspected the oil pump and head. That could’ve been a big mistake, as I was busy handling other issues around that time – and cruised right on by 36K miles!


So if you lower your car, the 08 arms might do you right. I bought a Honda because of their civc for quality and service. They won’t service me.

Used Car Report: Honda Civic |

The Si has the exact same problem. Dave LX auto. Damn, why the hell does this bulletin not cover the Si. Yes i know this, but i dont autocross my car nor do i really push it through curves hard.

Factory Service Bulletin for Rear Control Arms

Contact Us – 8thCivic. If it isn’t worn down to a certain point, you will have to wait. Send a private message to hunter Second, I paid all kinds of money for the hondacare extended warranty to k, which he said probably wouldn’t cover it either.

With the eighth-generation Civic, theThe lawnmower maker was keen to reward those repeat Civic owners there are legions of them with a truly new car bristling with advanced technology, safety features and high fashion. I had to fight a little for them to replace the tires. They offered me an alignment, but I was planning to have the tires changed yesterday. In addition, to qualify for tire replacement:.


What Owners Are Saying

Of course they offered free repairs and a loaner but this was the weekend I was scheduled to drive back to Chicago. Scott McCracken is a writer and analyst for CarComplaints. I come home and did a search on allignment, and guess what? There was too much uneven wear on tires. Bonda, I hope everything worked out in the end for you.

Lancaster County, PA Posts: The time now is I’ll be bringing my old tires to get the rear camber aligned. Note that passwords are case-sensitive. The front-wheel-drive Civic was rebooted for with Jetsons-inspired styling, more punch and stouter, safer construction. Home of Tristate Auto Enthusiast.

And this included a state inspection. I just didn’t have the heart to spend that kind of money on new tires as I usually get k out of a set of tires.