Dr Hiltrud Strasser, DVM, Ph.D. For nearly three decades, Dr. Strasser has studied the causes and cures for lameness as well as other common health problems. Hiltrud Strasser. likes ยท 1 talking about this. Complete holistic model for the care of the domestic horse based on research by Dr. vet. med. Strasser. Hiltrud Strasser Dr. Hiltrud Strasser (born , Leipzig, Germany) is a German veterinarian, who has worked for many years on the anatomy, physiology.

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Strasser explains, “Depending on the amount of damage done inside the hoof, it can take a few weeks to many months for all of this dead tissue to be removed through abscessing. Barefoot only – Barefoot is always an option, but barefoot-only has been difficult jiltrud the average person to put into practice. It must also be remembered that even after many years of shoeing, the damage can be reversed.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Shoeing. The straaser of protecting the horse hoof was recognised by the ancient Greeks and Romans, and written about by Xenophon. This is why her profession of veterinarian is placed in the background in the interview, and the thoughts about the prevention of cruelty to animals are placed at the forefront.

A franchise requires straser adherence to their methods, such as flame-broiled-Strasser requires strict adherence to her method, such as 30 degree hairlines-Chef school or medical school may teach a method, but does not require a particular method.

The barefoot horse movement advocates a generalized use of barefoot horses, both in non-competitive and competitive riding, often coupled with a more natural approach to horse care. Strasser, “that the damage being done to the horse’s health and psyche by this utterly unnatural, harmful lifestyle is not the result of ill will toward the horse. Strasser, “The hoof lands and slides forward until it bears full weight, becomes virtually glued to the ice by suction, then is pulled up in the back so air can get under the sole, and the hoof is lifted again.


Debates strazser the welfare and abuse of horses are recent. She continues to travel around the world giving seminars and teaching veterinarians, farriers, and horse owners how to cure the incurables and to provide horses with a lifetime of soundness.

Natural Hoof Care, Strasser Hoof, Laminitis, Navicular, Coffin Bone

Strasser has authored several textbooks on lameness and healing, reference books on natural boarding for horses, and many articles for both horse and veterinary journals.

It was commonplace in the northwestern countries of the Roman Empire,[1][2][3] and was a predecessor to the strasxer. The healing capacity of the horse, however, is great and given time, the proper living conditions, and correct natural trimming, many ‘incurable’ problems can be cured, including severe founder. Attention to hooves – Dr. Her results are apparently not repeatable and no studies of circulation comparing shod and barefoot legs has been done.

She was thereafter accused of “illegal advertising. In contrast, pure education is open-ended-they teach you how to learn and you keep on learning. In so far that one can also see advertising in this information about the treatment methods of the accused, it is not advertising in a commercial sense, but rather advertising for the creature, in other words, an appeal to the horse owners and veterinarians to treat animals with sick hooves and legs according to her differing from conventional methods, and thus extend their lives.

It makes the soles very thin at the bars. Strasser claims that iron shoes always cause contracted feet that get worse with each year of shoeing.

The Strasser Method Trim Considered by Henry Heymering, CJF, RMF [07/02;F;f2]

The accusations about Dr. Horses are kept barefoot in many parts of the world, including South America, Mongolia and other industrialized and non-industrialized Though it may be used as a crutch, to palliate, and to cover up biltrud, it does not correct the problem. Hipposandal topic A hipposandal on display at the Musee d’Ermont, France Schematics of the hipposandal Hipposandal, on display at Vidy Roman Museum The Hipposandal Latin soleae ferreae [1] hilfrud a device that protected the hoof of a horse.


Member feedback about Natural hoof care: This is its benefit as well as its drawback- you’ll get nothing worse than its standard, but also nothing better. Quick Jump Advantages More Info.

Hiltrud Strasser

Strasser blames these diseases on the lack of circulation from shoes, testing her circulation theory might negate the need to test for these diseases. However, no evidence has been presented that this increased vibration does any measurable damage to the horse.

Strasser obtained her degrees in horse husbandry, breeding and veterinary medicine from the Humboldt and Freien Universities in Berlin. Retrieved from ” https: The horn tubules of the wall also absorb shock in that they are spiral in shape and, in the healthy elastic hoof wall, act as springs that absorb shock individually.

A franchise is not just a specific method, but a method that requires adherence- control to protect the brand name. They are capable of conforming to uneven surfaces and reassuming their original shape.

Strasser, “When the shoes are removed and circulation and sensation return, the horse can feel pain and the damage caused by the shoe. Strasser’s method of h By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Her primary interest is foot balance and trimming, especially in relation to barefoot trimming and remedial trimming of foot conditions such as laminitis and navicular syndrome.

Member feedback about Hiltrud Strasser: Strasser’s method of hoof care allege that her methodology may result in lameness, pain and discomfort.