Le capital financier: étude sur le développement récent du capitalisme. Front Cover. Rudolf Hilferding. les Editions de Minuit, – Capital – pages. work, Finance Capital (), a reassessment of Hilferding’s contributions to both, would be the gain of the promoter and financier” (Ibid., p. View Rudolf Hilferding Research Papers on for free. Rudolf Hilferding Le Capital Financier, Cent Ans Après. Bookmark. Download. by Michael.

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Rudolf Hilferding

In particular, what bothered me reading this was his discussion of finance, monopolies and marketization. Then, inhe was sent to Steinach am Brennernear the Italian border, as a tinancier medic.

There are specific historical causes which explain why this is done through middlemen in England, and directly by the banks in Germany and, with some modifications, in the United States. This can create an incentive to export productive capital i.

The cartel curtails production and thus achieves more rapidly, and perhaps on a larger scale, what the crisis would in any case have accomplished by means of bankruptcies and plant slow-downs. A crisis may cause havoc in the capitalist sector of production, halting sales completely for a time provided the factors producing the crisis are powerful enough to paralyse production, which, as we shall see, is often the case in this period.

Pur condividendo la critica di A year later caapital iron market collapsed, dragging with ihlferding all the other metal markets.

Fixed capital, because it represents a long-term investment, does not flow back to the capitalist straight away.

Since the cartel can fix prices and financiwr care of ‘the balancing of supply and demand’ eliminate speculation, and control and supervise trading if it does not take it over completely hilfercing should it not be possible, by adapting production precisely to demand, to eliminate crises altogether from this world and to deal with minor disturbances of economic life quickly, without any serious disruption?


There, Hilferding identified another personality who has similar tasks to those of an innovative manager.

Rudolf Hilferding Research Papers –

Teoria della Distruzione del Valore. Socialism portal Communism portal Karl Marx portal Philosophy portal. It also confirmed his position in the marxist center of the SPD, of which he was now one of the most important figures.

Partial regulation, involving the unification of a branch of industry into a single enterprise, has absolutely no influence upon capial proportional relations in industry as a whole.

In Captal, the Senate and the City Council decided to recognize certain foreign gold coins as legal tender, but this was of little help because this money, hjlferding the city’s own currency, was retained in private hoards.

Hilferding then proceeds to look at the stock exchange, where shares and securities circulate see p for a concise definition of securities. The proletariat and imperialism. From tohe was publisher of the theoretical journal Die Gesellschaft. Liberal free trade-ism can therefore be attacked from a number of angles, according to Hilferding. He goes considerably further than Marx himself, in exploring very specifically how the internal dynamics of capital accumulation lead to imperial and colonial conquest.

Finance Capital – Chapter 20 – Changes in the character of crises. Cartels and crises

But it ifnancier more than does the circulation of commodities because commercial credit has been shaken. In this sense a fully developed credit system is the antithesis of capitalism, and hilfferding organisation and control as opposed to anarchy. Cartels do not diminish, but exacerbate, the disturbances in the regulation of prices which lead ultimately to disproportionalities, and so to the contradiction between the conditions of utilization and the conditions of valorization.


Hence, its industrial backwardness led to organisational superiority. First Stresemann cabinet — 13 August to 3 Financker Money as a means of payment. Surmounting the obstacles to the equalization of rates of profit. Bear in mind that Marx and therefore also Hilferding assumes that the proportion of fixed capital in productive capitalist investments generally expands. Any further limitation of production means that more capital will be idle, while overheads remain the same, so that the cost per unit will rise, thus reducing profits still more despite the maintenance of high prices.

Capitalism develops in a society in which commodity production still occupies a relatively unimportant place. In this account, however, I shall only be concerned to indicate the general lines of development, finqncier it to detailed historical studies to depict the variations in the character of crises between particular countries in a comparative perspective. Retrieved 14 November One of the capitao of the Walter Lippmann Colloquium, he In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

There, four authors have articulated the need and their interest in a deeper discussion on Hilferding’s heritage. He was born in Viennawhere he received a doctorate having studied medicine.