Kllokot Partesh Ranillug Graçanicë Hani i Elezit Mamushë Junik Zveqan Zubin Potok Vushtria Suhareka Skenderaj Shtime Shterpca Rahovec Prizreni Prishtina . A brief summary of the item is not available. Add a brief summary about the item. Web Mapping Application by rklaiqi. Created: May 23, Updated: May Read online HARTA E RRUGEVE TE PRISHTINES pdf or download for read offline if you looking for where to download harta e rrugeve te prishtines or read.

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Every year various types of trade fairs take place in the capital city. During the train ride many people had their identification papers taken from them. The year marked a turning point. A French officer traveling to Pristina noted soon afterwards that “Pristina looked impressive from a distance but prisntines up it is a mass of muddy streets and houses made of earth”. The travel writer Evliya Celebivisiting Pristina in the s was impressed with its fine gardens and vineyards.

Some of the most visited sights near the city include the Batlava Lake and Marble Cavewhich are also among the most visited places in country.

File:Harta e unazes ne prishtine – panoramio.jpg

All of the daily newspapers in Pristina have a readership throughout Kosovo. In the early Ottoman era, Islam was an urban phenomenon and only spread slowly with increasing urbanization. prishtjnes

Retrieved January 9, They left behind their homes, properties and businesses. This fact shows that they belong to one “Cultural Tree”. Kosovo is known for having the youngest population in Europeharts an average of 25 years old.

The city’s urban area hasinhabitants. Since the independence of Kosovothe city has undergone significant changes in the past prishines years, vastly modernizing and expanding the road infrastructure, urban transport and air transport. During the course of Operation Horseshoea number of people were killed.


The city features warm summers and relatively cold, often snowy winters. Being the capital city of Kosovo, it influences the politic, culture and economic aspects of the country.

Trade was thriving and there was a growing colony of Ragusan traders from modern day Dubrovnik providing the link between Pristina’s craftsmen and the outside world. With a municipal population ofinhabitantsPristina is the second-largest city in the world with predominantly Albanian-speaking population after Tirana in Albania.

Capitals of European states and territories. Archived from the original on 14 January Retrieved 2 March The R6 Motorway is a currently under construction. Within a decade, Pristina nearly doubled its population from about 69, in toin Many old buildings in front of the government building have been cleared to provide open space.

Check date values in: The station is located in the industrial section of Pristina. The country, people, life, customs.

With the surrounding space has become increasingly a concentration to a large population. Republic Hydrometeorological Service of Serbia. Kosovo Agency of Statistics.

Η ιστοσελίδα δεν είναι διαθέσιμη

In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikivoyage. The capital city, Pristina is the heart of Kosovo due to its central location and its importance in finance, commerce, media, entertainment, arts, international trade, education, service, research and healthcare. Prisntines Read View source View history. The largest hotels of the city are the Swiss Diamond and the Grand Hotel Prishtina situated in the heart of the city. This privileged position as capital of the Ottoman vilayet lasted only for a short while.

Geographically, it is located in the hartw part of Kosovo w to the Goljak mountains. After the war ofthe city has changed dramatically. The water supply comes from the two main reservoirs of Batllava and Badovc.


As the rest of the country, the majority of its population consider themselves Muslim. Pristina is one of the urban areas with the most severe water shortages in the nation.

On numerous occasions Serbs were killed by mobs of Kosovo Albanian extremists for merely speaking Serbian in public or being identified as a Serb. Retrieved February 25, However, numerous types of monuments have been preserved, including four mosques, a restored orthodox church, an Ottoman batha public fountain, a clock tower, several traditional houses as well as European-influenced architecture buildings such as Kosovo Museum.

At the end of the war the Serbs became victims of violence committed by Kosovo Albanian extremists. The communist decision to make Pristina the capital of Kosovo in ushered a period of rapid development and outright destruction. Retrieved February 1, Encyclopedia of Indo-European Culture.

Η δωρεάν φιλοξενία έφτασε στο τέλος της

After the Roman conquest of Illyria in BC, Romans colonized and founded several cities in the region which they named Dardania. The importance pdishtines folklore is reflected in two main keys, it is considered a treasure” of cultural heritage of our country and it helps to enlighten the Albanian history of that time, and the importance of that is of a high level especially when mentioning the circumstances of our territory in that time.

The area what is now Pristina has been inhabited for priahtines 10, years.