La investigación de Harry Harlow con monos y sus necesidades de contacto cómodo un papel importante en los inicios del desarrollo de la teoría del apego. Pero fue Harry Harlow () con sus experiencias con monos, y su encaminó de manera decisiva en la construcción de la Teoría del Apego. Los tres. Resumen. La Teoría del Apego es una de las teorías más importantes que se ha producido en el campo de the imprinting in geese, and Harry Harlow with the.

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Attachment Theory

The organization of mental working models is more stable while the individual’s state of mind with respect to attachment fluctuates more. In academic publications however, the classification of infants if subgroups are denoted is typically simply “B1” or “B2” although more theoretical and review-oriented papers surrounding attachment theory may use the above terminology.

Attachment in the Preschool Years: Attachment styles are activated from the first date onwards and impact relationship dynamics and how a relationship ends.

Although children vary genetically and each individual requires different attachment relationships, there is consistent evidence that maternal warmth during infancy and childhood creates a safe haven for individuals resulting in superior immune system funcitoning. They notice the helpful and hindering behaviors of one person to another. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. An example is the “stem story”, in which a child is given the beginning of a story that raises attachment issues and asked to complete it.


Crittenden terms this “affective information”. Different reproductive strategies have different adaptive values for males and females: An attachment theoretical perspective”. The infant would explore more when the cloth mother was present.

At the time of the research, there was a dominant belief that attachment was related to physical i. Archived from the original PDF on August 24, Ultimately research tended to confirm the universality hypothesis of attachment theory.

TEORÍA DEL APEGO by Laura Alba Palacios on Prezi

Shackelford Roger Shepard Peter K. Where an infant is faced with insensitive or rejecting parenting, one strategy for maintaining the availability of their attachment figure is to try to exclude from consciousness or from expressed behaviour any emotional information that might result in rejection. Crittenden’s ideas developed from Bowlby’s proposal that “given certain adverse circumstances during childhood, the selective exclusion of information of certain sorts may be adaptive.

If the behaviour of the infant does not appear to the observer to be coordinated in a smooth way across episodes to achieve either proximity or some relative proximity with the caregiver, then it is considered ‘disorganized’ as it indicates a disruption or flooding of the attachment system e.

Adoption, fostering, orphan care and displacement Attachment theory Ethology Evolutionary biology Human development Teoriw relationships History of mental health in the United Kingdom Object relations theory Philosophy of love Psychoanalysis. Eighteen Points with Suggestions for Future Studies”. There are also differences in the distribution of insecure patterns based on cultural differences in child-rearing practices.

If the figure is unavailable or unresponsive, separation distress occurs.

Special preference for a single attachment figure. Attachment theory centers around the psychological phenomena that occur hsrry we establish affective bonds with other people. Fearful-avoidant adults have mixed feelings about close relationships, both desiring and feeling uncomfortable with emotional closeness.


Indeed, our hypothesis is that they occur when a child is attempting to control crying, for they tend to vanish if and when crying breaks through. Results from Israeli, Dutch and east African studies show children with multiple caregivers grow up not only feeling vel, but developed “more enhanced capacities to view the world from multiple perspectives. Teroia groups of monkeys spent more time with the cloth mother even if she had no milk.

Review of General Psychology. They get upset when an individual ceases to interact with them. Separation Anxiety – distress level aoego separated from a carer, the degree of comfort needed on return. Their characters and home life”. In Bretherton I, Waters E. With the development of locomotion, the infant begins to use the caregiver or caregivers as a “safe base” from which to explore.

With the dynamic nature of social and economic environments, many families struggle balancing work and family responsibilities. The commonly observed attachment behaviour of toddlers staying near familiar people would have had safety advantages in the aprgo of early adaptation, and has similar advantages today. Adults lack the interest of forming close relationships and maintaining emotional closeness with the people around them.