Ref. HWV German Title. Brockes Passion (Der für die Sünde der Welt gemarterte und sterbende Jesus). English Title. Passion after. Barthold Hinrich Brockes was a prolific poet of the early-German Enlightenment. From a literary standpoint Brockes’s most important and, indeed, voluminous. Sunday, March 25, | P.M.. Friday, March 30, | P.M.. ​. Christ the King Lutheran Church. Rice Boulevard, Houston. The Passion is.

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Handel’s Nine German Arias, if you recall, come from the first two volumes of the collection. Two of its movements later found their way into the Concerto grossoOp. Nicholas McGegan directs a stylish and lively account of the oratorio having at his disposal a largely first-rate group of soloists and an psssion if not always polished orchestra.

Handel Brockes-passion

Mar 25, Good Friday. The raw and realistic drama of Handel’s Brockes Passion.

It is very well recorded with an effective reasonance which never blurs detail. Why did he choose at this stage in his life to write a German oratorio, for a German audience?

The success with which he does so is, perhaps, a little uneven, but there are some grand and memorable gestures here, all the same. Commentators are, on the whole, lukewarm in their assessment of Handel’s Brockes Passion. Handel Master Musicians Series.

Could you envisage it being staged?

bachsocietyhouston | Handel Brockes Passion

Retrieved 19 September Retrieved from ” https: Traditionally, in much of the Handel literature of today, the Brockes Passion is not ranked among his masterpieces, but I have never quite understood why! Colin Balzer ; Counter-tenor [Judas]: How does Handel respond to this explicitly gruesome text?


M-1 The Stanford Archive Series: What follows is a sequence of recitataives, arias, choruses and chorales. Assaf Kacholi ; Alto [Judas]: Amongst the soloists there are none that I would describe as inadequate and several that are first-rate. Dorothee Wohlgemuth ; Counter-tenor: George Frideric Handel’s lost Hamburg operas. None of the choruses is as impressive as those found in the English oratorios and only a few of the arias, perhaps, possess Handelian distinction or might be described as distinctively Handelian.

Handel’s Brockes Passion :: Concerto Copenhagen

The Plymouth Trio Performs J. The chorales occupy a comparatively small part of Brockes’s scheme and generally occur at the end of major events in the Passion story.

I have frequent issues with staged versions of sacred Baroque music come to think of it, also often with operas as well! If you are a library, university or other organisation that would be interested in an institutional subscription to Gramophone please click here for further information.

Jan Thomer ; Tenor [Evangelist]: Sociedad Haendel de Buenos Aires: Stadtsingechor Halle Choir Master: Recorded live at St.

The few choruses, perhaps surprisingly in view of Handel’s later large scale choral works, are short and perfunctory in comparison with pawsion arias, some of which are in an operatic style, others with simple accompaniment of solo oboe or obbligato violin.

Handel’s Brockes Passion

In contrast with that, Guy de Mey’s Peter conveys an effective anxiety, the inner conflict, on one hand, and a reflective lyricism such as we find in the poignant ”Schau, ich fall” in strenger Busse”, on the other. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Brockes Passion is no exception, and Handel connoisseurs will undoubtedly recognize many such re-workings, especially in regard to compositions from that particular period like the oratorios Esther and Deborah.


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Martin Klietmann’s Evangelist, a tenor role, wins my highest admiration. Jane Shuttleworth is a choral singer and recorder player, and handle in Renaissance, baroque and modern music.

Martin Klietmann ; Baritone [Jesus]: Oratorios by George Frideric Handel compositions compositions. Persons of the Gospel story Jesus, Peter, Pilate, etc.

The Story of Jesus, Suffering and Dying for the Sins of the World[1] is a German oratorio libretto by Barthold Heinrich Brockesfirst published in and going through 30 or so editions in the next 15 years. Nevertheless, his images are striking and evidently of a kind that made appeal to composers of the late Baroque. The University of North Carolina Press. Falk Joost ; Bass [Arias]: Passions-Pasticcio mit Arien von G.

Michael Lieb ; Tenor: Oratorio Passion for Good Friday. Hubert Wild ; Soprano [Believing Soul]: Handel was already well established in London when he wrote the Brockes Passion.