To give you some idea, in there were 79 manufactured home builders . of homes built annually with a Grissim Ratings Guide construction rating of less. (click on the tile “Ratings Guide Updates” on the left side of the home page). The Grissim Buyer’s Guide to Manufactured Homes & Land contains detailed. of any guide that described and rated all U.S. builders (79 at last count), was a second consumer guide, The Grissim Ratings Guide to Manufactured Homes.

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This year marks the 14th. Learn as much as you can about the resale value of manufactured homes in the area before you buy.

The Grissim Ratings Guide to Manufactured Homes | Open Library

We’re Looking for Growing Equity One reason most of us want to own a home instead of rent one is for its investment potential. When the recession hit, most of these overextended companies went under, or, in several instances, were bought out by stronger companies. Given ‘s already wildly unpredictable politics, more of the same in comes as no surprise.

Lists with This Book. This may be a cooperative or a condominium arrangement, but such things like rent increases and fees are mutually determined by the shareholder members.

But Hold on Before You Sign Land-home packages are fairly easy to get approved for, even if you have credit blemishes, but the interest rates can be high. Yet for all their advantages—and there are many—manufactured homes are still sold like cars: I will never disparage low-end manufactured homes per se, because they answer a huge need.

Having said this, I would add that I am no elitist. Published April 25th by Rainshadow Publications first published February 1st All Rights Reserved Website Design: Since then it has languished in the Senate, but with the Republications now controlling all three branches of the government, the MH industry is optimistic that the bill could become law by the end of You’ll have an easier time getting financing, and likely at a lower interest rate, the savings from which will go a long way to paying for your higher purchase cost.

BookDB marked it as to-read Aug 28, David Luu marked it as to-read Feb 03, Lack of financing for MH a persistent problem Here in the MH industry is better situated going into a new year than it has been in years.


Colin Bayler rated it liked it Jul 27, Return to Book Page. These communities can work guied, too. Rather, your home will be regarded as “an existing residential home,” just another real estate listing. Many models are indistinguishable from conventional homes and offer fo quality and savings. Annually at the beginning of the year I offer here my assessment of the manufactured housing landscape along with a few suggestions to help home shoppers—especially first-time buyers— better understand the market conditions they will likely face in the next 12 months.

In fact, annual combined profit from the two banks significantly exceeds that from the total of homes sold from Clayton and its many subsidiary builders. In contrast, consumers who plan to site their manufactured home on a permanent foundation on land they own and which will be legally tied to the property and manufacrured as improved real estate just like a site-built home have much better chances of getting financed, and at rates comparable to those for site-built homes.

Average retail price of new manufactured homes sold The most recent official numbers available are forbut the numbers are on track to be very similar, in most cases showing only a very small incremental price increase.

Both my guides contain a table that breaks down construction features that can help you with your choices. There are other questions you should ask before you buy a manufactured home. It can fairly be characterized as run by companies that are on the whole financially stable, better-managed, market savvy, and much more customer-centric than at any time in its previous history.

Though the final numbers for are not in, the cumulative numbers through October totaled 67, homes, up Th The second edition of the best-selling consumer guide to manufactured homes and purchasing land or leasing a home site, providing up-to-date, essential information home buyers need to make an informed purchase decision.

This table enables you not only to identify what features are associated with different levels of quality but also to determine the construction quality on a 1-to scale of any home you are evaluating independent of what any sales person may claim.

Avoid communities that are near to, or adjacent to, neighborhoods where there is expanding commercial development and similar growth. In short, this guide contains all the information and tools you will need to confidently—and successfully—go through the home buying process.

The Grissim Guides to Manufactured Homes and Land

Other Considerations There are other questions you should ask before you buy a manufactured home. As a consequence the industry landscape today is markedly different than it was before the recession when more than 60 companies nationally were building homes in production facilities around the country.


In some ways you could consider yourself a developer. The second edition of the best-selling consumer guide to manufactured homes manufatcured purchasing land or leasing a home site, providing up-to-date, essential information manyfactured buyers need to make an informed purchase decision.

The Grissim Guides to Manufactured Homes and Land :: Home Buyer’s Outlook

Moreover, buyers who can pay cash after having sold their previous home, for examplehave an even greater advantage, because they can get a terrific home at significantly less cost than a new site-built home without having to pay the typically higher interest rate or a one-time fees often associated with new manufactured vrissim loans.

FBOA recommends two bestselling consumer guides to manufactured homes, written by veteran journalist, industry observer and consumer advocate John Grissim.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. The dealer will get if financed for you either way, manufactired if you are putting the home on land you own, make sure it’s on a permanent foundation. Here, ten years after the Great Recession ofthe industry has finally emerged from an unprecedented—and painful—shake-out following the financial crisis and the crash of the entire US housing sector.

Buying a Factory Built Home

Since when just overmanufactured grisim were produced, the number declined by nearly 80 percent. The goal is not just to sell books but to assist you ratibgs your research and to help you be informed, empowered, and confident as you make the many decisions involved in the purchase of your new home.

Is it built to handle the climate at its destination? Ironically, the MH industry had largely cleaned up its act bybut then the mainstream housing bubble, with all its shenanigans, kicked in, eventually taking MH along with it when it ran off a cliff.

A slew of new laws came on the books to prevent future financial abuses while protecting consumers from predatory lending practices.