The vast Chantry House estate is owned by Atreus Dionides, billionaire Greek shipping tycoon. Lindy Ryman had never seen the tanned master of the estate until one day while taking an impromptu skinny-dip to cool herself off. But is Lindy ready to be just another inexperienced. The vast Chantry House estate is owned by Atreus Dionides, billionaire Greek shipping tycoon. Lindy Ryman had never seen the tanned. Greek Tycoon, Inexperienced Mistress. Front Cover. Lynne Graham. Harlequin Mills & Boon, – Love stories – pages.

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Towards the latter portion, it was obvious that his pride and imstress had taken a beating and he was clueless how to fix things. July Harlequin Presents. Be the first to ask a question about Greek Tycoon, Inexperienced Mistress. The Italian Demands His Heirs. Rest is as predictable as my to be rating for this book.

The hero was an asshole.

The Italian’s Inexperienced Mistress. Married for the Italian’s Heir. They each declare their love.

Greek Tycoon, Inexperienced Mistress

It wasn’t mistess of those where they’ve already broken up and the author goes back to tell their story or tells of them getting back together. Girl finds out she pregnant and decides not to tell dude. For me, why did it take so long for Atreus to realize that he loved Lindy? You can continue to use our site but it may not work properly or display correctly. She discovers she’s pregnant and decides not to tell the H.


This was an entertaining read, but nothing all that spectacular. It was no moment of passion mistake!

Greek Tycoon, Inexperienced Mistress: Mills & Boon Comics – Lynne Graham, Ayumu Asou – Google Books

Since she didn’t want his money and didn’t want anything to do with him, and had reasonable cause to believe that ttcoon wouldn’t want anything to do with the baby, there was absolutely no reason to tell him.

Now, there are over 10 million ofher books in print worldwide. At night, dog and cat sleep together in front of thekitchen stove. Yes No Thanks for your feedback! The Italian’s Christmas Child. Da Rocha’s Convenient Heir. A Ring for Vincenzo’s Heir. If you get a sort of sick enjoyment out of seeing the hero dig his hole deeper and deeper and watching the h walk out to the astonishment of his continent-si I enjoyed it.

I warmed up to Atreus near the very end, but up until that point he wasn’t that redeemable.

I wanted more anticipation and build up in their story. Not that she was perfect — being afraid to inexpeerienced the guy you believe to be your boyfriend for 18 months where your relationship is headed was a bit weak on her part. The Prince’s Captive Virgin. Overall, not a bad read, even though the sex scenes weren’t exactly steamy and at times it felt stiff like the H.


The Greek Commands His Mistress. Lynne Graham was born on July 30, of Irish-Scottish parentage. He was not a jerk.

She has livedin Northern Ireland all her life. Please allow up to ten working days for your parcel to arrive by standard delivery.

It was not fun to read! I don’t even understand why he was in the story. Where to begin with the atrocities?

Greek Tycoon, Inexperienced Mistress : Lynne Graham :

So I wouldn’t have bothered him either. In the way of HP males everywhere, Atreus finds out about the pregnancy and confronts her, at first demanding that she admit publicly that the baby isn’t his. Please review your cart. He’s a huge dick to girl.