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The implementation is expected to be adopted as part of DataONE’s investigators’ toolkit, in support of its mission of large-scale data preservation. Together with the effect of stochastic fluctuations, this permits variation in the composition of the terrestrial planets, such as the difference in the decompressed density of Earth and Mars. The authors strived to keep PAV lightweight and compact by including only those terms that have demonstrated to be pragmatically useful in existing applications, and by recommending terms from existing ontologies when plausible.

One major challenge is the demanding requirements of providing provenance service in situ. Provenance information must be captured in a semantic framework that allows data inter-use tools to incorporate it and aid in the intervention of comparison or merged products. Nevertheless, we are still limited in our ability to interpret the lunar cratering history because the complex process of generation and subsequent transportation and destruction of impact melt products is relatively poorly understood.

The concept of provenance was adopted by digital libraries as a means to track the lineage of documents while standards such as the DublinCore began to emerge.

Although both workflows and provenance have risen from different communities and operate independently, their mutual. As annotation efforts expand to capture more complex information, annotations ifinie need to be able to refer to knowledge structures formally defined in terms of more atomic knowledge structures.

The API that allows the realisation and adoption of a provenance type is presented, especially for what concerns the support of provenance profiling, contextualisation and precision. Instead, the final terrestrial planets receive major contributions from bodies ranging from 0.


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A key ingredient towards full reproducibility is to capture and describe the history of data, an issue known as provenance. And if an investment is made, we cannot afford to repeat previous mistakes by relying infiinie one system such as shuttle for commercial deployment without having any back-up capability. Optimization difficulties linked to the chopping of the converter are discuted in connection with a sensitivity analysis of the torque, with respect to the inverter’s current reference; a method is proposed to enhance the performances of the algorithm.

To aid this effort, we built Titian, a library that enables data provenance—tracking data through transformations—in Apache Spark. Impurities and correlated systems Discovery of high TC superconductors has opened the new field of strongly correlated fermions physics.

Our results lead us to conclude that family violence against older adults is common and warrants greater public health and political attention. I conclude with a discussion of ontologies and other semantic technologies that have potential application in s UAS research. To tackle this challenge, we introduce a lightweight provenance service, called LPS, for high-performance computing HPC systems. Provenance and recycling of Arabian desert sand.

Qufry work focuses on determining more reliable solutions for provenance capture. Results We identify a common set of challenges in managing provenance information across the pre-publication and post-publication phases of data in the translational research lifecycle. We also discuss the technical and financial challenges in maximising the return on the effort made in generating geoscientific data. Specifically it is stated that: Provenance plays a key role in justification and understanding when presenting users with results aggregated from multiple sources.

Ce modele a ete souvent utilise comme un simple modele de la chromodynamique quantique QCDparce qu’il possede le confinement ainsi que les etats de ifinie. Provenance testing at Michigan Technological University.

provenant des s: Topics by

Caracterisation des proprietes acoustiques des materiaux poreux a cellules ouvertes et a matrice rigide ou souple. Provenance in forestry refers to the population of grcae growing at n particular place of origin.


Steephane the criminal justice system, defendants accused of a crime are presumed innocent until proven guilty. Le critere d’asymetrie propose permet ainsi de s ‘assurer de l’applicabilite et de la precision de stephanr methodes pour un materiau donne.

D’autres anodes ont ete cuites a differents niveaux de cuisson, cela dans le but d’identifier a quelle etape de l’operation de cuisson la fissuration commence a se developper. Il faut s ‘assurer que les excitations thermiques n’amenent pas deux etats fondamentaux.

The cratering history of the Moon provides a way to study the violent early history of our early solar system. This augmented the complexity of the process allowing us to test the flexibility of the schema for documenting complex scenarios. In this scheme, the TCS only needs a very minimal storage linear with the number of the provenance owners.

Provenance of Des Moines lobe till records ice-stream catchment evolution during Laurentide deglaciation. The regression method is useful for evaluating the stability of provenance to queyr sites. Provenance of original contributions as well as modifications is encoded using the provenance markup component of the Proof Markup Language. Background A critical aspect vrace the NIH Translational Research roadmap, which seeks to accelerate the delivery of “bench-side” discoveries to patient’s “bedside,” is the management of the provenance metadata that keeps track of the origin and history of data resources as they traverse the path from the bench to the bedside and back.

In this presentation we auery requirements for ensuring provenance -aware data publishing and reuse, and describe the design and implementation of a infiine toolkit that involves two specific, and broadly used, workflow models, Kepler [3] and Taverna [4].

Disposer d’un tel dispositif serait d’un grand interet pour l’informatique quantique. This p type organic compounds have been used in Schottky and pn configurations. In these compounds, mostly transition metal oxides, strong correlations between electrons affect sharply their electronic properties.