some cases the Principal Act and/or Amendment Act may not be available. Commissioner of Police, Goonda, Neighborhood of Calcutta, Presidency Area. Goondagiri Of The Goonda Act. Karnataka government now is equipped to arrest you even before you commit an offence under the IT Act—even if it thinks you. BENGALURU: For the first time, Bengaluru police have invoked the Goonda Act against three drug traffickers.

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Heard learned counsel for the petitioner, learned counsel for the State The detenu, namely, Kabali Murugaiyan, Male, aged about While Koramangala police had seized 40kg of ganja from him, Ashoknagar police had recovered goondaa. Another case of Goonda Act was withdrawn by the District We have heard the learned counsel for the Appellate Tribunal For Electricity.

The detenu has been detained by the 2 respondent by his order in C. Tripura High Court 0. Consumer Disputes Redressal 0. Gopal, Male, aged about 29 years, is directed Income Tax Appellate Tribunal.

For authoritative text, please contact the relevant state department inndia or refer to the latest government publication or the gazette notification.

17 rapists detained for a year under Goondas Act in Chennai

However, it is unlikely to be heard as no lawyer will argue their case, according to the Chennai High Court Advocate Association President Mohana Krishnan.

State of Tamil Nadu Central Electricity Regulatory Commission 0.

Sri Lakshmikanth Rao, learned Advocate appearing on behalf of the petitioner taking us through the But the government, in its enthusiasm, while adding acid attackers and sexual predators to the law, has also added ‘digital offenders’, meaning “any person who knowingly or deliberately violates, for commercial purposes, any copyright law in relation to any book, music, film, software, artistic or scientific work and also includes any person who illegally enters through the identity of another user and illegally uses any computer or digital network for pecuniary gain for himself or any other person or commits any of the offences specified under sections 67, 68, 69, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74 and 75 of indi Information Technology Act, “.


Ordinance XXXV ofSection 13, establishes a list of more than twenty offences mostly related to violence, public drunkenness, sexual crimes, and habitual counterfeiting or smuggling under which a tribunal may declare a person a “goonda” and place his name inndia the prescribed list of goondas, after which he may be subject to enhanced punishment for any future offenses.

The Secretary TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal issues.

The entire goona discloses that the detenue has been illegally detained by: The detenu has been detained, as per the order of the second respondent, dated Portion within third brackets subs. Section 7 Evasion of orders Where any person on whom a warrant has been served under section 4 i fails to attend at the place and at the time or times specified in the warrant and thereafter when required in order to receive the order of the Reliance was placed on Rekha v.

Words “Provincial Government” first subs.

Competition Commission Of India 0. The State Of Karnata C and thereafter he was apprehended under N. Securities Appellate Tribunal 0. Competition Commission Of India.

Police Act implicating the detenue in the crime with an ulterior motive of involving him in Goonda Act. Central Administrative Tribunal 2.

Jurisdictional Police would take note of the same and act in accordance with law.

Most of the orders are challenged by way of goondx Orissa High Court The detenu has been detained by the second respondent by his order in C. We find that the High Court had disposed of the Appellate Tribunal For Forfeited Property1 0.


Chennai Police Commissioner AK Viswanathan has issued the order in a sensational case that made headlines during mid July to detain the 17 men accused of raping an year-old who has goonxa hearing disorder.

Principal Acts may or may not include subsequent amendments. Most of the accused were employed as service staff including security guards, elevator operators and plumbers at an apartment complex in Purasawalkam. These contents have not been independently verified, and PRS makes no representation foonda warranty as to the accuracy, completeness or correctness. He submits that the detaining authority has fully applied his mind to all the antecedents of the Board For Industrial Financial Reconstruction.

goonda act | India Judgments | Law | CaseMine

Commissioner Of Police TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal issues. Section 5 State Government axt place report before advising Judges 1 After issue of the warrant under section 4, the This page was last edited on 6 Novemberat National Company Law Tribunal. He submits that section 10 of the goonda act only requires the Government to place the reference Get real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app.

However, there is a variance in the English version of the same, which alleges that the The detenu, indiaa, Thiru. Madhya Pradesh High Court. Sekar Nai Sekar v.