TRAITS. Gonatodes humeralis is one of the smallest members of its genus, an obscure coloured lizard (Fig. 1) with a maximum rostrum to anus (snout-vent). Bridled Forest Gecko (Gonatodes humeralis). These small geckos were the most commonly-seen lizards in the flooded forest, but that only means that I saw as. Admire the Rainbow Sun-Gecko (Gonatodes humeralis) in our portfolio of the Ecuador species herping tour.

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Colli and Laurie J.

Bridled Forest Gecko (Gonatodes humeralis) ·

Gonatodes humeralis lives on the branches of trees, up to 2 meters in altitude. This is the first one I got a decent photo of, several days into the trip. Can you confirm these amateur observations of Gonatodes humeralis?

Like all other members of the genus Gonatodesthe toes of Gonatodes humeralisare covered with claws, thus they cannot climb on glass or other smooth surfaces. University of California Press, Berkeley, pp.

Lizards of Brazilian Amazonia Reptilia: Amphibians and reptiles of Guyana, South America: The herpetological contributions of Wilhelm C. But even so, these lizards were hard to notice, because they are small, well-camouflaged, and shy.

Chimaira, Frankfurt, pp. Their body is reddish-brown, mixed with golden flecks and large red spots. A small water bowl and a bowl of eggshells from older hatchlings or cuttlefish bone crushed – not ground are a must in completing the setup.


Gonatodes – die unbekannten Juwelen der Neotropis. Okada and Carlos E.

Gonatodes humeralis

Like the males, they also have a golden collar. At night, the animals rise up into the treetops, to sleep on thin branches Murphy, Herpetological Notes from Trinidad. Or, if you like, you can design a fake rock. Illumination should be provided to the pair. Gonatodes humeralis — Bridled Forest Gecko.

Gonatodes albogularis albogularis Gonatodes albogularis fuscus Gonatodes albogularis notatus Gonatodes antillensis Gonatodes caudiscutatus Gonatodes ceciliae Gonatodes humeralis Gonatodes machelae Gonatodes ocellatus Gonatodes vittatus. Either of these options, will provide them with the opportunity to climb properly. Amphibians and reptiles of the Hopkins-Branner expedition to Brazil.

Partly this was because the weather and geography meant that we only hiked in the forest while it wasn’t raining for a total of perhaps four hours, and some of that was earlier in the gonatoses than the lizard’s daily activity period.

Catalogue of the Gonatpdes in the British Museum Nat. Also a poor photo, but at least this sleeping male is considerably prettier than the previous sleeping female. Lista preliminar de los anfibios y reptiles de Tumi Chucua. At the sides of the neck shortly above the golden collar, are humeralia eye spots.

The containers should be similar in setup to the terrariums of the adults.

Tertiary climate change and the diversification of the Amazonian gecko genus Gonatodes Sphaerodactylidae, Squamata. Sphaerodactylidaewith description of two new species. Gonatodes humeralis has a total length of 8 centimeters with their tail accounting for more than half their size.


Reptarium The Reptile Database. Catalogue of distribution of lizards Reptilia: Their head is red, with blue bands on both sides of their nose, which come up over the eyes and form together behind the head.

The offspring can be reared communally or individually with other dwarf species not other Gonatodes species, as aggression can occur in small household containers, which have been converted to allow vonatodes proper ventilation. To offer the female a place to lay her eggs, small tubes of Japanese knotweed Reynoutria japonica or similar should be placed at different heights against the rear and side walls.

The substrate should be a mixture of soil and sand in a 3: Duration of movement as a lizard foraging movement variable. If a well varied diet and proper conditions are met, keeping this species is quite simple.

Amphibien und Reptilien in Peru. Should your lighting combination raise the temperatures too much, a switch should be used to turn the heat lamp off or on as needed. Their neck features the characteristic golden collar of the genus Gonatodes.