Gomenasai sheet music for t.A.T.u. on piano, flute with notes and chords by Erena. Gomenasai Intro sheet music for tatu on piano, flute with notes and chords by LakyBizarre. Posts about t a t u gomenasai written by Kisa. free sheet music ~drown yourself in music~. Home · About · FAQ T.A.T.U – Gomenasai · T.A.T.U – 30 Minutes.

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I do also have handwritten sheet music for AAU, a really great piano solo, yet there is mjsic listening works to do on that one, both the 1st verse and the chorus misses some notes. Sat Aug 04, Retrieved from ” https: Janae keil 3 April at Brittany 25 September at Lyrically it deals gomrnasai the group saying “sorry” towards each other, using the Japanese word “Gomenasai”; hence the title.

Thu Aug 09, 2: Anonymous 11 April at Vocal and Piano notes are the same.

I’ve had a look and nothing much came up. I – Live Your Life T. Musif, because the gkmenasai is more upbeat and electronicsome critics claimed it didn’t “fit in”. It’s still here though, just pm or email me if you’d like it.

Anonymous 19 February at CD singleDigital download limited. Lena Katina Julia Volkova. It’s too bad, I really would love to get some of their sheet music, but I guess as long as it’s not officially released that’s pretty difficult. This page was last edited on 23 Novemberat It uses the lyrics “What I thought was a dream Maybe it sounds better on the piano. I’ll be quicker this time. Anonymous 17 November at The sheet music for Gomenasai came free gomenadai some versions of Dangerous and Moving Album, that’s all I know of though.


Discography Awards and nominations Podnebesnaya No. Thu Aug 09, If you won’t stand behind us, please feel free to stand in front of us.

Video Games, Chinese, Japanese, Anime, Korean, American…..Mostly pop songs.(piano sheets)

Due to conflicts with the label, “Gomenasai” was t. The song was written by Martin Kierszenbaumand production was handled by Kierszenbaum and Robert Orton.

I’m a beginner on piano and I’m still pretty sucky, but maybe I’d have a little more incentive to play if I were to have some tatu sheet music. Due to the further conflict, the group decided to leave the record label. I can read sheet music but it doesn’t really get me anywhere, and after a while I learn the piece by heart in either case, so why not do it that way from the piqno

Sun Apr 15, One of the robots shoots her car with a heat seeking missilecausing Yulia to lose control of her car and causing musid to flip over, Yulia manages to escape and kill the robots by making her car explode by pushing a button on her waist.


Unauthorisied copying, reproduction, hiring, sgeet, public performance and broadcasting prohibited. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Gomdnasai and Privacy Policy.

The song was the group’s last official single from the group’s record labels, Interscope and Universal Russia. And now I remember! OMG where can you get such a thing?????????? Pedro 4 July at Anonymous 23 March at Mon Apr 16, The video starts with Yulia lying in her room, thinking about Lena, but unbeknownst to her, she was being carefully watched by a small robot.

Gomenasai – t.A.T.u. | Virtual Piano

For the film, see Gomen nasai. I have some other cool stuff if you’d like it. Samples of “Gomenasai” were used for the song ” Happy Birthday ” by rap group Flipsyde.

There were two different videos produced for this single: