GLCD construction-pin description, power pins, control signals, block diagram, translating inputs on the screen; Graphic LCD interfacing. In order to proceed, as of to state the obvious, you need to get the GLCD arduino library from the arduino playground(there is also an. So in this tutorial we will interface KS GLCD with our Starter AVR board which has ATmega 32 micro controller on it. To learn more about this GLCD, visit .

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Only registered users can write reviews. EastRising gives the promise to every customer to every product we sell on this web store. Character LCD only displays the alphanumerical characters. In order to do this, one leg of the pot needs to hook to ground, one leg needs to hook to the Vee negative voltage output pin and then the wiper middle pin of the pot will have the variable voltage output that can be fed to the Vo contrast control input pin.

Supports fixed width fonts that provides up to 8 x 21 character display with the supplied system font. If you split data pins across ports the code will run slightly slower, but for k0s108 but the most speed critical graphic applications its ,s0108 significant. The glcf sketch included in the download demonstrates many of the capabilities of the library and if you start with this and use the default Arduino pin assignments, it is a good way to make sure that everything is working before you customize your configuration.

On a ks, the pot, which is typically between k, is used to create a varying negative kd0108 from Vee up to GND that is used to feed to the Vo input signal.


Depending on the particular Arduino board and glcd module, connecting the glcd module to the Arduino board reset line may interfere with the Arduino board’s autoreset circuit. See the documentation in the download for more information. Pin descriptions are given below.

Graphic LCD Library

Board Setup and Configuration. In some GLCD displays, the segment and common drivers used will be made by different manufacturer, but they will be compatible with KS controllers. A Processing utility is provided in the download to convert a monochrome bitmap file to a header file that stores the image in flash for use by the DrwBitmap method.

Stock levels are based on item’s sales history. Unlike a character LCD which can only display alphanumeric characters, a graphical Glccd can display images, ks1008 and other structures.

We do not give refunds, credit memos. The site link in his code does not respond but you can obtain a copy of his original work in the download section at the end of this article. This diagram shows how panels should be connected using the default pin assignments in the distributed library.

The Arduino autoreset circuit is quit fragile. In comparison with character LCD, it can display anything on the screen provided by the user.

A graphical LCD is an electronic display unit which can display any type of elements provided by the user. The method naming is mostly unchanged to facilitate porting of code written for kz0108 original version. It has 8 data lines, 6 control lines and 6 power and display related pins.

GLCD glcd ks – Thunder-Wiring

We use these pins to transfer the data to the display Kz0108. The playground is a publicly-editable wiki about Arduino. Most glcds will reset on power up so the glcd reset line can be left unconnected. The library is based on the excellent ks graphics routines written and copyright by Fabian Maximilian Thiele.


Please, log in or register. By using a potentiometer, we can generate the required operating voltage by feeding the negative voltage to the Vo pin. In some display modules, this section may not be present. Whenever we transfer the data, we first selects the half by CS bits, then page address X and then the Y address. Connect these ls0108 to 5V and ground respectively.

GLCDv3 development has been idle since ca. You are welcome to add other panels to the above lists that are tested and working with this library. For more info pleae look at this Forum Post. We can use a pot if you need to vary this too. If an item goes out of stock after you order it, we will contact you. In order to display this, we need to transfer following bytes to the first page of the display by selecting left controller CS1 in Y address from 0 to 7: It can be used in any embedded systems,industrial device,security,medical and hand-held equipment.

Of course, we wouldn’t just leave you with a lgcd and a “good luck! KS is a 64 channel common driver which generates timing signals to control the other two KS segment drivers.

You will see the defines for the data pins and the five control pins with their default pin assignments:.