di Tobia Gorrio ; musica di A. Ponchielli. (Statement Of Responsibility). U.S. RISM Libretto Project. Legal notice–p. 2; printed price “Prezzo netto una lira”–front. Sheet Music – £ – Amilcare Ponchielli – La Gioconda (Libretto). Sheet Music – £ – Amilcare Ponchielli – La Gioconda Libretto (Italian/English).

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Either love or death! Each act of La Gioconda has a title. Feel and know, mother, my gioconca Our Republic Will subjugate all nations Until all galley crews and people Have feasting and bread.

A distraught Enzo flings off his disguise and is promptly seized by Alvise’s men. Here, outraged husband, Look to your honour!

What are you mumbling? He enters the death chamber, then returns. Love her and catch her In my spider’s web!

A mysterious force Draws me toward evil. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. He bends over Gioconda and shouts. It librrtto I who killed her!


The sharp-eyed Barnaba notices furtive behaviour between Laura and the sea captain indicating a secret relationship. Laura has been captured, and her vengeful husband insists she must die by poisoning herself effectively committing suicide and condemning herself to Hell.

Now with all the breath That’s left you, go and set the sentries Where the bushes ljbretto thickest. The oars are marking The chords on the waves.

La Gioconda (opera) – Wikipedia

Each is adorned With beauty and splendour. Enzo comes from the deck. Help me God to bear the surge Of my joy! We’re here on the tops, We’re here on the gunwhale, We’re here on the swinging Ladders of rope. All go into church, except Enzo who remains lo s t in thought, and Barnaba who stands glaring at him.

The boat carries them away. Barnaba grabs Cieca by the hand and pushes her into a secret door.

La Gioconda (Libretto)

To her this is a fateful shore Because death lurks about He is unaware that he has been overheard by Gioconda. Or gioconra this doleful hour It is fit that here you die The brigantine, Hecate, seen from the side. Gioconda’s idol will be destroyed MEN To the piombi! Since I’ve seen you A nefarious ambush I suspected.


Now more terrible Is my sacrifice For other uses, see La Gioconda. When Gioconda tries to leave, she is caught by Barnaba. Enzo comes in from the alley. Here you see The fatal work of my hand. A velvet mask is on Laura’s face. May God forgive me for the enormous sin I am about to commit!

Now I remember the pact. Why am I so distracted? If yesterday on that fatal island This librerto of mine did not seize her, Expiation will be no less terrible! There’s no more safety, no escape!