Gifts of Unknown Things by Lyall Watson – Discover the extraordinary island of Nus Tarian, in Indonesia, where everyday reality contains terrifying. A British biologist’s rich but far-fetched telling of his initiation into a world of “” natural knowledge”” on a volcanic Indonesian island. Gifts of Unknown Things. A True Story of Nature, Healing, and Initiation from Indonesia’s Dancing Island. By (author) Lyall Watson. Gifts of Unknown Things.

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From the two books I’ve read by Watson so far, he wrote from a balanced and grounded perspective, about some really fascinating and spectacular things some more widely accepted than others. If anyone can recommend similar books, please leave comments!

But only the dance lives unknowj once in both space and time. Jan 17, Leah rated it really liked it Shelves: I had no trouble accepting Tia’s sight or healing powers. Aug 10, Mel rated it it was amazing. But stranding him self, far away in a remote little Island nowhere to be found in a map scratch a completely new man, he never thought existed deep inside of him. It’s hard to know whether the events Watson relates are true, or if they’ve been creatively embellished.

My daughter told me to read this book. Mar 13, Roger added it Shelves: Sep 09, Thongs rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Return to Book Page. It just watsin tedious to me. His views are a refreshing mix of science and mystery, and he states early on that he finds “instant believers” hard to deal with because “they are so watsln committed to their particular brand of mysticism that they devour anything remotely resembling supportive evidence and assimilate it without question into the structure of their beliefs.


Jan 16, nightbird rated it it was amazing. Thus, we are all connected.


Watson and his crew discovered they had been carried nearly four hundred miles off their original course. When the storm abated, Dr.

And that, unfortunately, is not something I have the background to determine. Refresh and try again. I want to savor every page.

I in my rage and futility, and Marduk in his righteous propriety, had missed the point altogether. He completed a doctorate of ethology at the University of London, under Desmond Morris.

His scholarly thinking history as biologist grounded him to have a logical explanation on every natural phenomenon he experienced before. He makes much of the hologram principle–that each point in space and in time contains information about the whole–and tries to corroborate primitive beliefs and practices with recent scientific findings. And is some level of Reading the book raised many profound questions, chief of which, for me, might be: Aug 23, Alex Kelly rated it it was amazing.

Oct 31, Sarah Cartwright rated it it was amazing Shelves: Alleges to be a true story; comes off as fantasy and naturalism. Had me in the first view pages, with the collective squid confrontation. Magical feats, extrasensory perception, and psychic healing are commonplace in this land where the natural and the supernatural coexist and challenge our beliefs about reality. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: An early inspiration in my own work.

GIFTS OF UNKNOWN THINGS by Lyall Watson | Kirkus Reviews

Thanks for telling us about the problem. I wonder if this stuff could be true Tia, the heroine an orphan with magical powersrepresenting the forces of natural religion with Marduk, the heavy, embodying the un,nown of civilization specifically, Islam.


Watson wants to show thimgs deep interconnectedness of things–of the cosmos, the natural world, and man–and the existence of a universal harmony that largely escapes the grasp of conventional science but is revealed in primitive traditions and exploited by shamans, adepts, geomancers, etc. Discover the extraordinary island of Nus Tarian, in Indonesia, where everyday reality contains terrifying, inexplicable, and miraculous phenomena.

Nov 26, Adam rated it really liked it.

Anyone interested in Magic, Anthropology, Indigenous Religion. Be the first to ask a question about Gifts of Unknown Things. He’s a good writer and Gifs love the biology of most of it.

Paperbackpages. Something which modern man can no longer do. His book is really a teaching story, urging us literally to come to our senses and, in his terms, to turn on our whole body and wafson in to the entire spectrum of information the world sends out.

Gifts of Unknown Things | Book by Lyall Watson | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

If you like this kind of reading about the wisdom of older cultures, there are thingx other books which are just as captivating. It is hard to believe that this story is true, but even harder to believe that Watson made it up. I know something is magic with Tia when I read how this 11 years old explained about names and color. Kind of strange and beautiful. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. If you take nothing else from the book, at least you’ll have that.