Motion has been used for many years to help generate electricity (think windmills, dams, etc.) around the globe but soon, the technology could. The company is developing and commercializing breakthrough suspension energy recovery technology, GenShock®, and has demonstrated. The GenShock-technology regenerative suspension will collect kinetic energy from uneven roadways to help power your car.

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Genshock Technology

A bumpier road will result in more movement of the damper and in turn, more electricity will be generated. Watch these two short videos tecgnology learn more about Genshock vehicle dynamics. They discovered a significant amount of energy was being wasted in conventional suspension systems, just as others had with regenerative braking. Tesla expands employee testing of its upgraded Autopilot hardware.

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A company called Levant Power has come up with an active suspension system called GenShock that is capable of recapturing energy as you travel in your vehicle.

GenShock suspension system could generate electricity as you drive – TechSpot

ZF expects an annual production of more than three million CDC units for passenger car applications alone by The Activalve device regulates the flow of fluid in the shocks to adjust the damping rate, just like a normal active damper, but the process is reversed when the GenShock system is capturing kinetic energy.

GenShock suspension technology improves the performance of fully active CDC dampers by integrating innovative valving technology that regulates the flow of fluid in the shocks to adjust the damping rate just like a normal active damper leftwhile also capturing kinetic energy that otherwise would be wasted.

As the vehicle is traversing uneven terrain or is unsettled in a turn, during acceleration or while braking, the swaying motion of the piston in the damper pushes fluid past the electrohydraulic gear pump, which drives the electric motor and converts the kinetic energy into electricity that is fed back into the power supply.


The joint venture with ZF is significant, for it brings together technologies that when combined, provide the critical mass to change the automobile landscape. Typical shock absorbers convert spring energy into thermal energy, releasing wasted heat into the environment. And thanks for reading Autoblog.

Then, the system guides the oil in the damper in such a way that it drives the electric pump motor. Genshck enter a display name. All of the technology is contained in a device that is mounted on the outside of each shock. In order to continue to be successful with innovative products, ZF annually invests about five percent of its sales ZF is one of the 10 largest automotive suppliers worldwide. Click on the image above to enlargeand read about the details of the new suspension system in the press release below.

No word yet on when the technology will make its way into passenger cars but we do know that it is at least affordable.

They have designed a state of the art shock absorber genshcok harnesses energy stored in suspension springs. Electricity for the vehicle power supply As soon as the driving situation permits, the innovative valve system automatically uses the swaying motion of the damper piston to recover energy. The exact text will differ depending on the actual application you have running.

As an added bonus, portable vehicle jacks could be a thing of the past as well. Continuous Damping Control CDC has been winning over vehicle manufacturers since its market launch in and is still doing so with its fourth generation. The spring absorbs kinetic energy involved in vertical motion of the tire while the shock absorber acts as a damper on the spring.

GenShock suspension system could generate electricity as you drive

The difficulty in achieving both is that comfort requires a soft suspension to absorb bumps, while handling requires stiffness for control. Automakers have long sought a suspension that affords sport cars handling while maintaining comfort of a premium luxury sedan.


All other rights, including commercial rights, are reserved to tecynology author. The key enablers for regeneration include proprietary electronics and software center and a motor-generator right. The generated electricity is used to charge the vehicle grnshock.

Already techjology an account? A total of around 14 million CDC systems have already come off the production line at ZF, and the company expects an annual production of more than three million CDC units for passenger car applications alone by And now, they have another company — ZF — onboard to help build it.

Then, the system guides the oil in the damper in such a way that it drives the electric pump motor. Ads can be annoying. They began by renting a variety of different vehicles, then outfitted the suspensions with sensors to determine the energy potential, and driving around with a laptop computer recording the sensor data.

As the fluid passes through the small orifices it experiences viscous friction, causing the fluid to heat.

ZF doesn’t yet know when we’ll be driving cars with the new suspension, but the technology is reportedly inexpensive enough that buyers won’t require a supercar -level budget.

The electricity is fed back into the vehicle power supply, to reduce gendhock load, fuel technlogy and CO2 emissions.

Levant Power has been developing what it calls GenShock-technologythe first active suspension system with the ability to recapture energy, and ZF has entered a partnership with the Massachusetts-based company to build it. The technology is contained in a device mounted to the outside of each shock.

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