Genetica umana molecolare by Andrew P. Read Tom Strachan at uk – ISBN – ISBN – UTET – Genetica Molecolare Umana. [Strachan T.] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Torino, ; br., pp. , cm 21x Genetica Molecolare Umana Strachan Pdf Download > Primer on Medical Genomics Part VIII: Essentials of Medical.

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Chromosomal anomalies in the tumors. Multiphase mechanism of the oncogenesis. Viral and cellular oncogenes.


Dipartimento di Morfologia, chirurgia e medicina sperimentale Coordinatore del Corso: Time dedicated to each student: Modulo Biologia generale e cellulare. Modulo Genetica generale e molecolare.

Dominant, co-dominant and recessive alleles. Understanding of the sequence of pathologic events originating from the acquired mutations of one or more genes and leading to the clinical phenotype in sickle cell anemia and B-cell non Hodgkin’s lymphoma ENGLISH Students will achieve a level of English equivalent to a B1 on the Common European Framework of Reference, and will gain the necessary confidence in using English grammar and technical vocabulary for oral production and comprehension of scientific English.


Analysis of the general mechanisms of the heredity.

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Hardy-Weinberg law, inbreeding, migration, natural selection and genetic drift. Mitosis, meiosis and their comparison. Analysis of linkage and positional cloning. The chromosomes autosomal and sexual. The time of the exam is 1 h. Genetic and physical maps. Technical vocabulary to describe research results, graphs and bar charts, quantities, processes and the sequencing of events.

Prerequisites Basic knowledge of chemistry, Physics and mathematics. The nucleic acids and the genetic information. Explanation and opportunity to practise new structures and vocabulary. Phenotype of the cancerous cell. Modulation of the gene expression. Questions are of the kind multiple choice; per each question there are 5 different answers, only one is the correct stradhan. Mono- and multi-factorial characters. Locus, gene and allele.

Independent assortment of the alleles. The association between human tumors and oncogenic viruses. Cloning and expression vectors.

The final evaluation will be based on analytical capability and clarity exposition of subjects, as well as ownership of language. Inactivation of the chromosome Genetca. DNA recombinant technologies Molecular filter hybridizations Southern and northern blotting.


The chemical, physical and biological carcinogenic agents. Use of reading, writing and listening skills. The human normal and pathologic karyotype and karyogramme.

Genetica umana molecolare

The functions of the growth and the differentiation factors. Laurea Magistrale in Medicina e chirurgia. Polygenic traits in Humans, molecolars gene, genetic susceptibility, gene modifiers, biomarkers, nutrigenomics and genome environmental interactions, genome wide association studies.